It's really going to happen

So, today I did a free photoshoot at the local park. It was a way to help my portfolio grow a little. I had asked Tim if he still had a fishing license thinking he would like to fish while I took photos. Well he doesn't anymore and my first photoshoot had calcelled. Right when Iw as about to leave for my second one, he decided he would join me. He walked around and listened to his ipod while I took m photos. When I was finished I went to find him. We sat together near one of the smaller, less congested ponds at the local park, Floyd Lamb.

I don't really remamber the whole conversation. But when we arrived he said how it would be great to have a kid, he could walk around with our child while I did my pictures. I mentioned he could have brought the dogs, but he said how that was too much of a hassel. So we got to talking and he preempted with "now I want to save a little first, but how soon can we fill out adoption papers?" That was in the car ride to the park. I explained that someone told me that if you were married a certain amount of time you could file, even if you weren't 25. So I guess his walking around thinking was about that. When I did join him after the photoshoot, he said he wanted to start the papers once we were settled in our new place after we move. It was the first time he has come to me saying anything along those line. All this time I was worried I was more ready for this then him, but he is there, he is ready to adopt. I don't care anymore about fertility teatments, if he can fully accept adoption.

I am so eager to start the process now, I just can't wait.

But I am nervous too.