10w1d Appt/ Ultrasound

Everything looked great. Baby is still measuring 3 days ahead and the heart was beating fast. The settings on the machine were all wonky so we couldn't measure it, but we saw it thats for sure.

In the video you can even see the little doodlebug wiggling all around, it was amazing. I am still so surprised and happy things are going so well. Next appt I believe is my NT scan then I have one at 12 weeks with the OB. Holy cow I can't believe that.

Very happy to be finished with my shots. When we were camping last week I only managed to take 3. Oops. But all is fine. My rear needs some time to get feeling back, but for now I am pretty darn happy.


I can't believe it, but I got really nervous about being super crampy the past two days. Both on the front and my lower back. So this morning I called the dr to see if I could get in. They saw me at 1:30 and all is good. Not sure what causing the cramping, but I think its just growing.

Little doodlebug is measuring 9w0d and I am currently 8w4d and the HB was 182. What a little overachiever this one is already. I feel much better leaving for camping knowing everything is going ok.

Here is the video I took. The Adenoma is what he goes to on the right side.

8.5 week update

Ill be gone for my week 9 update so thought I'd do this time instead. 

8 weeks!!! Hold cow. I know the next few will be slow and still worried but in so excited for it all. I have my monthly calendar up and it shows the second trimester. That's encouraging just to see it written there right within reach. 

Overall feeling good. Very tired and nausea is almost nonexistent this week. My boobs are really sore and getting heavy. I can't believe how full they have become. I had to run out from a party last weekend for Imodium to help my belly. It thankfully helped and I haven't been having an issue since then. Which is awesome. 

We leave in a couple days to camp for a week. I'm worried ill be so tired from hiking and sleeping in a tent. I hope Leiland does well sleeping. I hope hiking isn't too much for my body. I'm willing to take it slow though knowing not to push too hard. 

I can feel my uterus growing. And all my clothes are becoming too small. It's ok though all for a good cause. 

This week in leaning toward finding out the gender. I'm not sure I can wait. 

So yeah not a huge update. Not much to say. 

Progesterone injections

I have done now 4 cycles of Ivf. Each one successful in terms of getting pregnant. Injections are something I'm all too familiar with. Today for the first time ever they when I started my injection and pulled the plunger out that there was blood in the syringe. First time ever. We're talking about roughly 29 weeks I have given myself progesterone injections now. I was surprised at first and then confused. What do you do with it? 

I squirt it out the bed I could and continued in with the rest of my injection. 

7w1d Appt

Todays appt went great. The dr was a little late but thats ok. We got in, and Dr Q mentioned my pregnancy glow. And really I was glowing. I've had a good feeling about this all and the nausea/ exhaustion just reconfirms it all.

So we did the ultrasound and baby looks great. Yes baby, just one. I was a little sad for .2 seconds but so happy to see my little doodlebug in there moving around. HB was 138 bpm and measuring exactly 7 weeks and 1 day. PERFECT since thats where I am. So happy.

I recorded the ultrasound a little to share with Tim.

Squirmy Baby

7 week update

7 weeks today - and feeling good overall.

I am tired, a lot. So much more then with the last pregnancy and we were driving cross country then. Leiland doesn't let me sleep in, but he lets me rest in the morning. If I don't have enough sleep I notice my nausea is terrible. The couple times I have had good sleep then I have no nausea till bedtime (when I'm tired). Last night I couldn't sleep, so Leiland cried and I brought him to bed to snuggle. Having him there makes it so much easier for me to sleep. I don't usually have this much trouble sleeping when Tim is gone. But I think the combination of being pregnant tired and not sleeping is whats hard.

Tomorrow is my ultrasound and I can't wait to see this little doodlebug. Praying so hard we see a heart beat and a growing little baby.

Tim and I can't make up our minds if we want to find out the gender, so in a few weeks we will flip a coin and find out based on that. Heads we wait and tails we find out. A part of me still really wants to surprise him. But I also  don't know that I want to find out without him. So I will keep pondering and decide closer to. I have some time still.

Not a whole lot going on this week. My clothes still fit but my boobs are definitely getting bigger and more sore. Oh and my underwear is all getting too small. Seriously? Of all things to grow first, my butt? Guess I will be getting some more unders to get through this pregnancy. Its a bummer, I already have SO MANY pairs in my drawers.

8 things

8 things I'm looking forward to...
1. First ultrasound tomorrow and seeing the HB
2. Feeling baby kick
3. My son potty training
4. My week long Yosemite trip
5. Eating out with a friend tonight
6. A massage - need one so bad
7. Hubby returning from deployment
8. Being done with progesterone shots - 3 more weeks.

8 things I did yesterday...
1. Swam
2. Picnic lunch
3. Talked to my momma
4. Satisfied cravings
5. showered
6. Made time to snuggle my pups
7. Made a grocery list
8. Cleaned up som

8 things I wish I could do...
1. Sleep
2. Nap - if I do I won't go to bed till after 2am
3. keep patience more
4. Create a book of photos
5. Take an African Safari
6. Tour Europe
7. Be a better housekeeper
8. Get into exercising more

8 shows I am currently watching...
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Big Brother
3. The Challange
4. Switched at Birth
5. The Fosters
6. Major Crimes
7. Franklin and Bash
8. Suits

Long day

No nap days are really long days. Its wasn't as bad as it could've been, but it was a rough day. First we went swimming at a friends moms, then I hoped he would fall asleep driving so he could nap at her house. He did fall asleep but it was an unsucessful transfer to a bed. What a bummer. We had to elave by 3:30 because he was just too cranky. He didn't fall asleep right away in the car and only slept at most 20 minutes on the way home. And woke as soon as I unbuckled him.

So we had some dinner at which he chose to only eat the chicken, and later had some ice cream. No biggie. But he was cranky. I even let him play in the bath for some downtime. Its now 7:30 and he is in bed hopefully to be down for the night. He fought it a little more then usual. But he is over tired as well as it being a little earlier then his usual bed time. No biggie though, he hasn't gotten out of bed yet.

I have a lot to do, just wish I had the energy to do it.

Cravings win again

Last night I was able to get a good nights sleep - thanks to Leiland. He wanted to sleep in my bed, so I just went to bed early and got about 10 hours. So today I had no nausea. But I desperately need to grocery shop, so we don't have much food. I have been craving olive garden (that all I craved with Ruth) and then remembed a pasta dish we had a pizza hut. Creamy Chicken Alfredo. Tim and I ordered it one day about a month or so ago. It was surprisingly good. I order a family size which feeds 4. I figure some leftovers is a good idea. Dinner tomorrow? Sure works for me. So here it is almost 10pm and I just ordered food. I am already tired, but thats ok.

Morning Sickness

Today was a day where morning sickness didn't start my day but it lasted all day long. I woke fine and on the drive to a breastfeeding big latch on (I was photographing) I ate some rice cakes. I was only slightly nauseous till I had to get out of the car. Then as the day progressed it just got worse and worse. After that event we went to a birthday party. It was outside and Leiland had a blast. I kept drinking water and when pizza arrived just the sight made me gag. The weird part was I ate 3 pieces and was fine. Sitting outside in the heat I was just barely making it through being nauseous. Once we got in the car I was worried to drive home. I just felt it in my through. After we got home, Leiland took a nap, and I laid down too. I slept about an hour and a half and woke still nauseous but now with a headache. Nothing sounds good for dinner so I made Leiland scrambled eggs and a frozen gogurt for dinner. We took a walk and I was ok then, but now back at home I feel nauseous again.

Oh the joys.

But I will take it. I actually feel pregnant today, and I am cool with that.

Milk already

The other day I noticed it in the shower and today I see drops on my bra. With Leiland I started getting milk at 16 weeks. 6 weeks seems crazy early to me. Interesting. 

6 Weeks

YAY for today being 6 weeks. Overall I have been feeling good, more nausea as the days go on. Nothing crazy though. Last night was my first crazy craving. What is it about being hopped up on pregnancy hormones that makes resisting an urge so intensely impossible? Either way baby and I enjoyed some bacon. Delicious.

I haven't gained any weight yet, but I have noticed that sometimes it hurts when I am sitting from the pressure of my shorts. Not horrible but last night I did unbutton for comfort.

My progesterone shots are coming along, but they are getting harder and harder. I am so numb in my rear and full on knots. Not many places left for new shots. The hardest part is breaking the skin with the needle since I can't pinch the skin when sticking it in. But they are getting done, every night. I haven't been as good about taking my vitamins the past week or so though. I need to get better at it. I feel guilty every time I miss one.

I've been noticing that my uterus is becoming more hard/ larger and I am starting to be able to feel it more.

So nothing too much happening over here. Nausea and can't eat eggs. Milk is still bothering my belly and thats no fun. I want my ability to eat dairy back again. And I have needed my glasses more often.