Ellie's 10 month update

10 months old. How is this even possible? She's sure growing fast.

17 pounds, 26.5"
Size 3 diapers and size 12 month clothes (getting small)

Crawling is mastered. Stands no problem. Walks 4-9 steps and is trying all day to walk. She can stand herself up unassisted in the middle of the room but doesn't do it often. Walks along the walls, table bench, and anything she can find with just one hand to hold in. She will be walking in no time. Now she's even trying to climb on the couch and coffee table. She can climb onto our mattress on the floor and the air mattress the boys are using for now. She crawls up the stairs with lightning speed and gets to them the instant she sees they are available. Baby gate installed today thankfully. 

Ellie's favorite activities include emptying every and all cabinets. Dishes, food, Tupperware - she has no peference. She had me considering cabinet locks. On every single lower cabinet. She also comes running if she hears the fridge or the dishwasher open up. Adorable. She really likes playing with cars, balls, and stuffed dolls (but not stuffed animals really). 

Ellie still has issues with her reflux. She has finally begun burping on her own this month but has. Even out of her reflux meds this week and is definitely having an issue with pain when needing to burp. However it's definitely getting better. Still can't have dairy. At all. I still use butter on toast or a baked potato but that's about all. She drinks from a sip cup great but if it has my milk she just tosses it. She loves water and steals the boys juice. She is FINALLY starting to eat. Her favorite is chicken. She also seems to really like spaghetti. Two nights in a row that was a big hit by her. She goes nuts if you don't give her what she wants too lol. 

Sleep has been rough. The move and teething combined had been hard on her. She now has 3 teeth and the 4th is breaking through. She's so stinking cute with those pearly whites poking through. I seriously love it. Her hairs getting longer too. Except on the front section lol. Ellie's finally learned to love the bath. Too bad she's absolutely nuts and stresses me out the entire time. 

Ellie absolutely loves her brothers and will follow them if she hears them playing. She gets so excited to see them in the morning too. She says a few things. Dada, hi, and kitty. I'm pretty sure she's signing all done now and maybe starting to sign milk. 

Ellie still fusses a lot. Love her dearly but she can be demanding that's for sure. We nurse most the night and laying her down to sleep has been nonexistent these days. I'm ready for her to have her room again. 



Watching auntie Laura work 


First time swimming ending in nursing and a nap so the boys could keep swimming.









When teething includes a spoon that goes everywhere. 

The only way I could get her to sleep

The day we closed on our house



4th of July




How we eat when we don't have a table yet - yay moving





Again with he spoon





She demolished a full roll of toilet paper








crazy hair day