Molar progress

I feel like poor leiland has been working on these two year molars forever. Today he's super cranky so I checked them out and found progress. His left side has been farther along then the right side for awhile. Today I could actually feel the tip of one of the cuspids right at the surface. It hasn't broke through just yet but I can actually feel it. No other have made noticeable progress but this is a big deal to me. I hope they come quick. His left side always gets them quicker where the right side tends to lag and take forever to fully come through. 

MY Pro's and Cons to baby-wearing

So, Leiland is now 2 years and 4 1/2 months old. I still wear him on occasion and I do love it.

My only carrier with him as a newborn was a moby style wrap. Its a stretchy wrap. It never bothered me having to wrap it, pretty easy. I liked that I could wear it to a store and just load him in when needed. I didn't like wrapping it in a parking lot because I could never keep the material off the floor. The downside to that style wrap for me was Leiland would sweat like crazy in it. He was a hot body as am I and I wanted to use it more then I actually could. I also had a lot of issues with my chunky boy sinking. I could start with him up high when I started a trip in Joanns and by the end he was down a good 18-20 inches lower. So that was disappointing to me. I did also like the option to face him out in that carrier and be able to build him a seat so the pressure wasn't on his hips. Thats the big reason most new carriers don't forward face, it is terrible for their hips.

The other carrier I love is my ergo. They are pricey but worth every penny. I have been using it since he was about 4 months. I never bought the infant insert for it and his couldn't open his hips well so I would wear him on my hips. That works for me. As he got bigger he did continue to love it. I liked that it didn't bother my back. I can also wear him on my back and I'd say since 18 months thats the only way I wear him anymore.

Ok so my cons to baby wearing.
 - As he got bigger wearing him on my front became hard because his head was in my face making it hard for me to see. I photograph a lot and it definitely interfered a lot.
 - I still get scared putting him on my back. Its not comfortable to me putting him back there, I always worry I might drop him.
 - I can not carry a diaper bag. Or a purse. The shoulder straps always interfere with me carrying our stuff. Its frustrating. If I wear him in somewhere like target I can just throw it in the cart, but if I go somewhere like the mall, I have no way to really carry my stuff. I think this is my biggest con. AndI found with Leiland I mostly wore him outside the house. I have a feeling the next baby will get more baby wearing in the house. Since well we have a toddler to entertain and take care of.

PROS of baby wearing
 - I love carrying my baby around. I never liked putting Leiland down and sometimes I just needed more close time.
 - Great for a fussy baby
 - GREAT for reflux baby. Leiland puked so much and always preferred upright. So wearing him kept him in the upright position. That was great for us.
 - Hands free - very nice when you have a sick baby who won't let you put them down. I loved that if he was sick and I just HAD to do something, I could still have him with me.
 - Easy bonding for mom or dad. In the beginning its what they know to just go with you everywhere and constantly be moving.

For me I will keep baby wearing. I think this next time around I will also add a nice ring sling in the mix. I have a mesh one for showers and swimming, but I will get a real one this time around. I love carrying my baby and still do it while pregnant. Leiland also loves it still. I can tell when we get to a store if he will be good in the cart. If he throws a fit going in then I ask if he wants to go on my back. Usually its a yes. He doesn't like my front anymore because he likes to be up higher to lay his head on my shoulder. And he can't do that with the ergo. No biggie though.

Maternity 21 test results

So two weeks and two days ago I took the maternity 21 test. It's super simple to do and take two weeks for results. Awesome. I knew I'd have my nt scan before the results but wanted the test anyway.

Today I called and the the results are all negative. Yay. I knew things were ok because the nt scan went great. 

Then there is the gender. I did ask. And I've read a few things saying the earlier you do the test the more likely it is to be inaccurate for gender. But I think that's more in regards to girl results vs boy results. Not sure though. 

Anyway our results are in and it said we are having a 

















!!!!! BOY!!!!!!!!

I'm not shocked. I had boy feelings off and on. And two dreams where I had another boy. 

14 week update

I feel great. Nausea still hits but much less often. Not eating causes headaches really bad. I swear when Leiland was a newborn I never forgot to eat but man now with him as a toddler I constantly miss meals. I am still struggling because food just isn't appealing either. I crave salads but that's about it. At least consistently. Some days I crave KFC and others I crave fruit. Who knows.

I didn't weigh myself today but I will tomorrow. I haven't tried my non maternity shorts back on since Yosemite. It's finally beginning to cool off so I will likely move right to maternity  jeans. I've been wearing a few maternity shirts because mine all creep up exposing my belly. Blah. 

I still pee like crazy. Some women tell me it got better for them around 16 weeks. I sure hope so. I've been able to sleep a little better and had some more energy. In sure it's a combination of second trimester and better sleep. Don't care though I will take it. 

My uterus is growing. Always amazes me. I read today that baby is the size of a rubrics  cube. Crazy to me. It's like 3.5"? Somewhere around there. Seems so small and yet so big already. I can feel my uterus really well now. I can't wait to feel baby kick. I know it's an active one so we will see. 

Everyone still keeps guessing its a girl. Everyone. But I'm surprised I don't have that feeling. I away between having no clue and thinking boy. We shall see. 

14 weeks and I feel great. Love being pregnant. Can't wait to see this one in the next ultrasound. 

Used the Doppler

I came up to go to bed and decided to look for baby's hb real fast. Did it before peeing to see it if that helped any. Don't think so. It oil me forever to find it. When I finally did I had needed more gel because it took so long. Anyway I counted it out to be about 150 BPM and the display was reading 153. So pretty accurate. It was still pretty quiet and is very low still. 

My placenta is on the top on my uterus so I think I need to be straight on with it and not coming in from the top. Either way I feel better having heard it now.

13 week update

Holy cow we are at 13 weeks. That's nuts to me. Many sources site this as the beginning of the second trimester. Ill take it. I can feel my uterus growing. Overall I can feel my energy slowly returning and nausea becoming mostly less and less. Pop that used to help it now seems if I have too much it makes it worse. I've had a couple days of gas and stomach pains. It's constipation. It happens rarely but I'd say about 5 times every pregnancy. Maybe a little more with Leiland. Nothing I can't handle. I have this slight bit of nesting. I think. It's just from the little more energy I've been feeling. My boobs still kill. Especially my nipples. I'm also noticing its starting to hurt to lay on my belly. Boo that's all that's comfy. Or least used to be. 

I used my Doppler a couple days ago to hear the hb. I love that I can do that whenever I want. Took me a minute to find it but it was there. According to my app the baby is the size of a tangerine (2.5-3") and is growing now at the rate of an inch per week. That's just so amazing. Hopefully I can feel this baby kick soon. I'm assuming in a month or so. 

We miss Tim terribly right now. I'm still having a tough time falling asleep even when my eyes burn to keep open. It's really hard. I have crazy dreams when I get good sleep though. And I've had at least three that I remember where I gave birth to a boy. Not once have I had a dream this baby was a girl. Never know though. 

I should know gender in two weeks though. But my lips are sealed till I can tell Tim. 

I think that's it for now. Nothing too important. 

Oh and weight has steadied off about 178. 

12 week update

12 weeks is finally here. 2 more weeks till the second trimester I think. At this point I haven't gained any weight (what I did gain is now gone). I am noticing some belly changes though. I haven't finished all my laundry from camping, so my shorts are still dirty, so this week I have been wearing maternity pants. I plan to try on all my maternity clothes tomorrow to see where I stand. I think I need a couple shirts but should be good on bottoms.

Not a whole lot going on right now.  Time to get the house in order now that Leiland feels better. I hope I will start feeling a little boost here soon. Still getting a little tired, struggling to fall asleep, and still get nauseous. I can't wait to feel this baby moving. Every ultrasound is showing a very active little one, and I just can't wait to feel little baby bug.

Still not feelings if its a boy or a girl, but I am dying to know. I hate calling it an it, and at the scan today I kept calling it a he. I just want to know. Everyone keeps saying its a girl, but I just don't know, you know?

I've really been enjoying my delicious lemonade lately. Saltine crackers really help the nausea. Pizza can still make me nauseous at the sight. Meat is not appealing what so ever. And yesterday I had tomato soup - PERFECT. It was seriously the best meal I have had in awhile.

NT Scan results

Today was the big NT scan. I was SO nervous this week, couldn't eat this morning, and so nauseous today. But I made it ther ein time, and everything looks great. The NT measured 1.7mm. Baby was so active and squirmed SO much. So sweet I loved it. The HB was 161 bpm and just a joy to watch. Can't wait to finally know what this baby is so I can start using he and she because I hate saying it.

I was so thankful today a friend of mine came with me. I was far too scared of facing negative results alone again. Im very lucky and grateful she could join me.

Found the hb

Today was my OB appt. 182 pounds BP was 188/33 and baby's hb was 166. Yay. I was so excited to hear it. I am going tomorrow to take the maternity 21 blood test. It's for testing to find genetic abnormalities. It will be two weeks before results are back. But Thursday is the nt scan that will I hope be reassuring. 

And tonight I tried my Doppler and found the hb. It was higher then I expected. Half way between my belly button and pelvic bone. It was super quiet but easily identifiable. I also had to be right on to hear it. Either way I know it's possible now. Such a happy day. 

11 week update

WOW can't believe its only one more week till my NT scan. I was feeling fine till Tim told me he was nervous. So now I am anxiously awaiting my scan in a week just to see. Two more weeks till we are into the 2nd trimester. Even though I know this isn't "safe" just because you make it to 13 weeks, well its closer. My first loss at 16 weeks was really hard, and in 3 days it will be 9 years. As far as symptoms this week- week and a half - LOTS of nausea and sore boobs. I am not as tired right now, but I am trying to make my self go to bed when I am tired. I lost a little weight I am sure its because of the nausea. I am just back to my starting point of 180. Nothing to worry about. My body can handle to lose a little. I think next week I will start taking belly pics. I am getting bigger but not noticeably. But pants don't fit the same so I am getting bigger. I have tried my home doppler twice now and still no HB to hear on my end. I have an OB appt Monday so I am hoping they can hear it.

Craving this week...

Tootsie rolls. I don't even usually like them. I don't dislike them but I NEVER eat them unless its ALL that is left. Well we went to the store yesterday and bought two bags. One for us and one for Tim. Well one sitting and our bag is almost gone. Looks like we will need another bag for Tim. Oops.