6 is weeks and first ultrasound

Today is about 6 weeks based on ovulation.

Yesterday was my first ultrasound to measure me and to date the pregnancy. The tech was super nice and Tim was running late so Owen sat up on the table with me. He was so good too. She showed me the sac. It was measuring right at 6 weeks 2 days (accurate to my last period) and shows me how there is a very very small blob in there. Too small to even measure. No heartbeat is seen.

Tim did make it before the thing was over which made Owens day. But the time I got home I was so nauseous. Now on top of this I am also sick. My throat is killing me, Im exhausted. I was super shaky and light headed when I stood up. By late evening I was EXHAUSTED.

Trying to take the nausea as a good sign and that maybe the baby is just slow growing and Im not as far along as they would expect based on my period. Very possible.

Today they called with the results. They just said that there was a sac that measured at 6 weeks and no fetus or heartbeat were detected. Ugh I feel like I got punched in the gut. My heart just sank. They said they want to do another scan in about 10 days but I have to wait for them to call back to schedule it. Yesterday I still felt hopeful but today I just feel empty as though my chances of it working in my favor are slim to none. It just reminds me all too much of what happened back in 2012 when I had that miscarriage. I didn't document it very well so I really am unsure when I started spotting with that or what any of my HCG levels were.

Im kinda frustrated the dr didn't run HCG betas this time and am half tempted to ask for them now. The waiting game just sucks.

What a surprise

I'm in complete shock over here. Since Tuesday I've been cramping but off and on. So yesterday when my period still hadn't started I took a test. I only had digi tests that were free to me. I didn't not expect it to read pregnant.

Complete shock. 

Seriously I haven't gotten pregnant on my own since 2004. SHOCKED!!!! 

Tim was still sleeping so I woke him to show him. I asked if he could read that. His response was no but I'm guessing it says your pregnant. Yes sir indeed I am. I am pregnant. I had to wake him because I couldn't contain my excitement and had to tell my mom and sister. 

Today however I took a first response test. I'm a line girl. I need to see how dark the lines are and how quickly they appear. They were instant. As soon as the pee reached where the line was bam there was a line. 

Above right away.
Below after a few minutes 

We've told a lot of family so far and several friends. I have a really good feeling about this all. 

We haven't told the kids. Owen wouldn't understand but Leiland would. He's still convinced I need to "get working on making him a sister." Im trying little man I really am. I want to see an ob and maybe get an ultrasound to show the heartbeat before I give him the news. I'd love to record us telling him because I want to see his reaction over and over. 

So what changed? Seriously. I've had horrendous periods for months. The past few they've gotten much better. Just after thanksgiving I began working out and tracking everything I eat. I've lost some weight and overall think I'm healthier. I think this is why I got pregnant. I had hopes of this but did t expect it to happen so quickly. I punched in my ovulation date from using my Ovacue monitor (December 31, 2015) and it puts me due September 22, 2016. 

I still am in shock. Yesterday I could not stop smiling and hugging these beautiful boys. 

Praying for a baby that sticks. Healthy

Since its a holiday weekend I just need to wait till Tuesday (tomorrow) to call and try to get in asap for bloodwork.

I must say seeing the results of the Chinese gender prediction makes me smile a little. We shall see what comes of it.