Getting bigger

The baby and me that is. I think he had shifted to be more vertical so I can feel how tall he is getting. His head (I think) is whats up in my ribs making it hard to sit comfortable. His feet keep kicking me in the crotch and now on the bladder. Leiland never kicked my bladder and its an incredible weird feeling. Its almost painful and you feel like you might pee your pants without having any control over it.

If he is breech I really hope he decides to turn to head down here soon. I am going to start doing the spinning babies techniques each day and hope he turns here soon. I have a feeling a breech birth is not something my dr will consider.

27 weeks

Today is 27 weeks. Holy smokes its finally starting to go faster. Next week we go to Georgia for a week, in February we visit family in San Diego for a few days, then it's less than a month till he is due. I can't wait.

I weighed myself today and was at 190. It's really hard to see. I've only gained 10 pounds the whole pregnancy but it's still only about 12 pounds from where I was when I had Leiland. I'm trying to not let it get to me but its a little hard. Yesterday I tried on a pair of maternity pants I had been wearing and sure enough they were too tight. I can't even wear them anymore. Not cool. A lot if my shirts are already starting to ride up and show my belly now too. It's stuff like that combines with my weight that get to me. 

Overall I still feel good. My back hurts often but baths and icy hot do help. I need to schedule a chiropractor appt for when we get back from Georgia. Baby moved a lot and it much stronger. I love feeling him. I've started to feel him more in my lower belly lately. I still put my hand there every time because I can feel it so much better that way. He does crazy somersaults and squirms that Leiland never did. The other day for the first time I felt him actually stretch out. Last night I ate Christmas dinner and was stuffed till 10pm. He had been laying transverse but it almost felt like he rotated some. No idea on his position now but he feels more vertical than before and when driving last night I felt like I had to lean back to make room for him. 

Now that Christmas is over my focus is on getting little mans room ready. The other day we made a big purchase and bought his crib bedding. I wanted to make it but I just wasn't finding what I wanted to make it work. So I looked on again and found one I love. It was on clearance too. $70 for the whole set. That's an awesome deal. So all the presents are out of baby's room I can clean up the Christmas wrapping station meds and start getting ready for him. I'm planning to have Tim rearrange the furniture. 

I feel pretty good. I've been sleeping better with Tim home. No longer staying up till 1am but now crashing about 10pm and actually tired when I go to bed. Leiland is still waking at night (2 year molars) so I get up to get him. In starting to get uncomfortable sleeping. My belly position is much closer to a side position. Well my torso is side laying but my chest is on the bed so I'm kind if twisted. But my pregnancy pillow isn't offering any additional comfort. Especially when I have to get in and out if bed numerous times. I get too tangled. 

I've noticed having to pee more often again. I knew it would come back just hoped it would wait a bit longer. I feel like I can per every 10 minutes. 

So that's basically 27 weeks. 

26 weeks

Wow at 26 weeks. It's starting to go by fast. Christmas is next week and I'm so excited.

So my back has really been bothering me. Today I swept and mopped downstairs and I am so incredibly sore. I had to sit the rest of the night. I hated it but that's my new normal. I've tried baths and they help take the edge off but that's it. I have my pregnancy pillow a try but it just made me too uncomfortable. Tim, leiland, and the dogs all love it though. 

My belly feels huge. Failed my 1 hr glucose test so I'm doing the 3 hour test the day after Christmas. Joy. I hope I pass though. 

Baby is SO active now. Only when I'm laying down though. I rarely feel him during the day because we stay pretty busy. But a couple days ago I woke at 415. Couldn't fall back asleep and he flipped, flopped, and somersaulted for a straight hour. Finally I got up and went to the computer for 30. Decided to lay with leiland and try to sleep. Baby then started his acrobats again. He also does this every time I take a bath. Leiland never did that. 

I've been struggling to eat much lately. Nothing sounds good ever. Still no strong cravings either. 

I'm still pretty emotional. It's weird what gets to me these days. But it's almost everything lol. 

As far as my lady parts I'm starting to have even more discharge. I've had a lot this whole pregnancy but now I actually need panty liners multiple times a day. 

Anatomy Ultrasound

December 9th we did the anatomy scan. It was a little later then usual. My insurance doesn't pay for it till after 22 weeks and Tim was returning from deployment when I would be 24 weeks so we scheduled it for after he got home. So I was 24 weeks 4 days.

Baby is measuring good and I think she said the 48-52%. She checked everything. 

Kidneys - good
Diaphragmatic hernia - none
Heart - all 4 chambers 
Brain - good
Lips - good
Fluid level - good
Hands - good
Feet - good
Chest - good
Umbilical cord - two vessels

So the umbilical cord is the only thing that isn't normal. It is common in babies with a genetic defect but having a clean report from the maternity 21 test "rules that out" so to speak. They said it's not uncommon but is something we will watch more closely. She said it can restrict baby's growth and lead to a smaller baby at birth. At 34 weeks he said they will start regularly watching his growth to see if it becomes an issue. My dr said as long as baby handles contractions ok that we should be able to keep trying for a vaginal birth and that delaying cord clamping is still possible and won't be affected. 

So over all everything looks great and he is measuring perfect. They said from this point on is when his personal characteristics will start to develope. So if he's going to be a large baby it wouldn't be till this point it would start to show. So I suppose we shall see. I am ok with a small guy this time. I just don't want it to be because of the cord limiting his growth. 

They also said he was laying transverse and I have an anterior placenta. Which was suspected because of how little I feel him move. 

I've been researching some about a transverse lie and how to help him into position. So I'm going to try and start that after this trip to Georgia the first of the year. 

Gender Reveal