32 week update

Holy cow less than two months till I'm due. I still feel like it's forever away but I know it will go so fast. 

Weight 192

I'm really loving how much this little baby moves. I get to lay in bed first thing in the morning and when going to bed and just enjoy him. He's so sweet already. And all mine. I just love feeling him and knowing he's all mine. No one else feels him the way I do. Everyday. Every time he starts to move everything stops so I can just feel him. He's all mine and in a couple months I'm going to have to share him. I will seriously miss this time with him. 

I'm starting to notice a few red spots on my belly but not enough to show in a picture though. I'm sure I'll get more but not as many as I got from sweet Leiland. All my shirts are too small and don't keep my tummy covered. I only have one pair of jeans that I like and fit well enough. The weathers been really nice here and I don't own enough short sleeve shirts. 

The dogs don't seem to notice things changing. Leiland seems to be understanding. He will hug brother and give kisses too. We put the crib together and put the bedding on so he can see changes happening. He loved seeing it when I showed him where brother would sleep. My good friend Cherie just had a baby so he sees his friend with her baby brother and I hope that helps. He has seen him twice now. I'm trying to put together a gift for Leiland from baby brother. 

My biggest stresses lately are the worries about leaving Leiland when I go in labor, where I'll take him, and how he will do. I'm also really stressing over names. I live the name Landon but worry about how popular it is. Tim however doesn't want to consider any others. I just don't know but if we don't find one we both love better that's what he will be called. 

I called and scheduled my first chiropractor appt for Friday. I hope it helps my back. Too much walking or cleaning is just too much for me. They also work with infants if I decide to take him and I'm seriously considering it. I hope it goes well. I'm a bit nervous. Now I just need a good foot massage. I also scheduled an appt for an hd ultrasound. We waited a bit longer than I wanted but hopefully we can still get some good pictures. I can't wait to see his little face. When we went with Leiland all I could think was he had the most kissable lips. And maybe this guy will have hair. 

Speaking of hair with the amount of heartburn I've been having this little guy should come out looking like a monkey. I had heartburn with Leiland but not this bad. I need at least 150mg Zantac to touch it. And sometimes that doesn't work. It's usually at night but the last couple days it's been all day and makes me feel like ill puke. Or have that puke in your mouth reaction. I think it's a lot to do with his position but I'm not certain. I'd still love to see how he is and if he has some hair. How cute would that be? 

So yes 8 more weeks. Can't wait to meet this handsome devil. Can't wait to see if he looks like Leiland. Can't wait to hold his little hands and kiss those tiny toes. And to just smell him from my arms. 

31 week update

31 weeks today - I can't believe its roughly 10 weeks till we meet this baby (had Leiland at 41 weeks). I used to think I would go early but honestly I don't think that anymore. I am still sleeping ok, and on my stomach. The baby is kicking like crazy and moves so much. I have NO CLUE what sort of position he is in this week though. I feel pretty huge though, and small red dots are beginning to show signs of a few new stretch marks. No biggie though. I didn't weigh myself today but last week I was at 191.4 so not a big gain while we were out of town. NO FOOD sounds any good these days and thats seriously frustrating.

Last week at my app all went well. BP was slightly higher then usual but its still normal. He measured the fundal height for the first time and said I was measuring good. He's not worried about baby's position and won't be till 37 weeks. But he said if he stays breech they won't schedule a c-section because they will give him a chance to turn up till I am in labor.

If average size he is about 18 inches and right around 3 pounds.

Thats so crazy to me. He certainly feels that big. I struggle to breath a lot when I am laying down depending how he is positioned and I can feel all his little kicks and movements. I love feeling a foot glide across my stomach. He also seems to jump in there because he is a NUT. I notice he still easily settles when we are busy a lot but as soon as I am sitting he goes crazy. I must say I absolutely love it and can feel him getting even more active the past few days.

I have had crazy heartburn. I take zantac almost every day now. Sometimes I need it twice and that doesn't always help. I try to eat frequently but its so hard because nothing is ever appealing.

My back seems to be bothering me less the past couple weeks which is really nice. I still plan to see a chiropractor and get a massage but I haven't scheduled it because it hasn't been killer bad and we were out of town.

So thats this weeks update. Down to counting down thats for sure. I can't believe how soon he will be here. I can't wait to meet this little man.

Another molar

Leilands bottom left molar broke through the skin. Just barely but it's poking through. He's been overly cranky but hasn't had his usual stinky poop. Either way a little more work needed for that to be "through" then just one more and done with molars. I'm really hoping they are done before the baby comes.

Potty training

2 years 8 months old (32 months)

Potty training is in full effect. We took a trip January 1st-14th and right before Leiland started wanting to be naked more. So in the morning instead if changing his diaper I let him be naked. Day 1 he held all his pee till nap time so he needed a diaper on. Day 2 we got naked sooner and he peed on the potty before nap. I didn't push it anymore after that. I can't remember if we had a third day he went naked but I think we had another day and he peed again before nap. 

We just got back from our trip and I intended to wait till Tim was back to work, but Leiland keeps asking to be naked so I let him. The little frog potty is in the living room so he can go as he pleases. One day I offered for him to pee and he tried but didn't go so went to play more. Then I saw a funny look from him and told him to go try to per on the potty. He tried and went. Yay. Another day he sat to try and didn't go so back to playing. Then he went over by himself and peed on the potty again. He's definitely starting to get it. 

So today I didn't push it but got him naked after he'd been up a bit. He eventually went pee on the potty after numerous times of me asking him to try. Yay he went. So then he took a nap bi told him not to per in his diaper when he woke and he said ok. So when he woke I could feel he was dry so I told him again not to pee in the diaper. We came downstairs and I took his pants and diaper off. He was really mad about it because he was still cranky. So we played and I asked over and over if he had to go. He was crossing his legs and did a little dance at one point. I tried sitting him on the potty because he's been almost an hour and he just cried and taught me. So I sat down and said I'd play with him again after he tried to go pee. So maybe 5 minutes later he jumped up because he'd started to pee on the floor. He stopped peeing and he ran over to go on the potty. That is progress from the last time we tried. Last time I caught him 3 times peeing on the floor and ran him to the potty and he wouldn't pee. So this is better. 

This is the first day he has done any naked time after nap. He usually wakes wet in the morning as well as after nap. So we are trying. He can hold it for a couple hours. Yesterday when I tried right after nap the diaper was warm from him just peeing. So today we caught it early. 

Because he seems to be getting it I let him choose from his underwear what he wanted to wear. He was reluctant till daddy got excited about a pair. So he chose woody and buzz. We will see if he pees in it. I know that's part of it so I expect some accidents. 

Because it's winter I'm finding it really hard to let him be naked all day. It's far too cold for that. He doesn't complain but freezes. So hopefully we are making good progress with not doing all day long. He's also been extra cranky so not sure what his deal is but he's not his usual self right now. 

But that's our potty training progress so far. I'm so proud of him. It's later then I wanted but he finally seems to be getting it. 

28 week update

Oops a few hours behind. 

We're out of town and on Georgia time. I can't sleep. 

Anyway not much happening this week. I still feel like I pee every 20 minutes but this week I'm back to being constipated. I bought some dried prunes to give a shot and see if they help move things along. I've been really uncomfortable for awhile now. Only two other times had it gotten this bad. In September when we went to San Diego and October when we went to Minnesota. Both began before the trips. 

Baby is still kicking good bi thought he may have shifted to be breech but then he went back to transverse. Now he seems to float between the two. I really struggle to know what position. He seems not so active lately and just a few kicks here and there. So we will see I suppose. 

I haven't heard from the dr office regarding my 3 he glucose test yet. It's ok though not sure I want to know while on vacation. I do t know if they'd just tell me if I passed or failed or if it was a fail if they would go in detail about how to make changes. Ugh I just hope I passed. 

Some days I feel like I'm getting huge all of a sudden and others I feel a good bit smaller then I was with leiland. I need to take a new picture soon. I'm so behind. Heartburn has been crazy bad though. Especially when he is sitting more vertically and up towards my ribs. 

While here we've been playing the name game. Some additions to our list are 


We shall see. I just don't know. 

So that's about it right now. Not much.