40 week update

Well it's my due date. Should I be excited? Maybe. I feel defeated still with no progress really. No contractions lately. But I have my induction scheduled and by this time next week I'll be holding my little man whose yet to be named. 

Weight 199.8 (weighed after a shower and again after drying my hair lol)

I feel ok. Pee 30 times a day, struggle to be comfortable, can't finish a full meal, wince with every kick and movement, and am emotional. I still love it. And I know it's almost over. It doesn't feel real yet. I feel a lot slower these days but in keeping up just with a few more breaks. I've been exhausted for about a week now. 

Yesterday I tried using my pump to induce contractions with minimal luck. Only had a couple contractions total. And my nipples were already sore so it didn't help any. Took a bath to relax too and that felt great. Today took a shower to get ready and sure enough at exactly 40 weeks I have stretch marks that are new. First ones this pregnancy. 

Trying to love the last few days. It can be hard. But I do love this belly and having him all to myself. Can't wait to see his little face and touch him. 

No progress

Today I had another NST. All looked good. Baby moved nicely and I even had a contraction. Babys HB spiked, then dropped, and steadied back out. It wasn't a strong contraction either. But dr was happy with it. My OB checked me, and no progress. Its so frustrating. He stripped my membranes Thursday and I had a lot of contractions that night, some Friday night but they stopped before I went to bed, all Saturday night and woke up several times to them, then all morning through early afternoon Sunday. Seriously I had a LOT of contractions and absolutely no progress.

I feel like my body is failing me yet again. Yes I can wait it out longer but why? My body fails me with getting pregnant. My body fails me to stay pregnant. I struggle so hard to have these babies, and now my body is failing to go into labor like it should. I know due dates are just an estimate, but still - no progress has me pretty bummed out right now.

The OB I like only does inductions on Wednesdays. He said he would induce me this week if I wanted, or next week. If I decide I want to go ahead this week, then he said just to call and set it up. I could hold my baby in just 2 days. Otherwise I will be holding my little man in 9 days. Either way he is close.

39 week update

Weight 199 bp 113/71

Everything's still hanging in there. Last night I finally felt some contractions and they were enough to time. Too bad I needed to go to bed rather than try to keep them going. We went for a mile walk then later in the evening did the deed to try and help. Seemed to help a little bit. 

Constipation has still been bothering me and the 3 colace a day aren't helping enough. But for the most part heartburn has been under control which is nice. In the previous ultrasounds they said he had hair and I really can't wait to see how much. I'd love a head full of dark hair on him. 

I'm sleeping ok. When leiland wakes at night I have to pee because in awake. Falling asleep is still hard but I've been so tired lately I'm falling asleep around 11. Could be worse. 

Yesterday I had the weirdest ailment. My left nipple both itched and hurt so bad. I don't know why and it was incredibly frustrating. It seems better today which is good. 

Saw the ob today. Nst went ok. Saw a couple contractions which excites me lol. The on checked me and I'm now 2cm and dr can feel his head. I don't know what that means exactly but he's low. I asked the dr to strip my membranes. He doesn't believe it does anything but I'll take it on the off chance it helps kick start things. I've had a lot more mucus today since this morning so that's good. Having a few contractions but nothing consistent at this point. Did a little shopping/ walking earlier and now I'm bouncing on my ball. Tonight I'll go to grocery shop and just keep going. I'm part energizer bunny right? 

One more week till due date. There is a good chance I'll go past that but really hoping he decides to show in the next week. I can't wait to meet him and hold him. Smell him and kiss his little cheeks and face. Not much longer. 

Blog moving

I've been working hard to transfer my blog over - still working on it, but all new postings will now only be found on the other site. I can see some people check this place out, but no one ever comments, so come on over to the new site.


Teething and potty training updates

The past few days Leiland has been kind of warm and yesterday he wasn't eating much at all. I also noticed yesterday morning he was chewing his fingers, hands, and his arm all morning. So last night I look in his mouth and sure enough the very last molar has one tiny speck that is through. I am amazed his mood has been so good. We have a bit to go before its "through" but its started. And I am praying it comes through before this baby arrives.

Potty training isn't anything we've been working on though. With baby just around the corner I don't feel like its smart to push it right now. BUT the other day he wanted to be nakid - fine. Well he peed in the potty. He started to pee on the floor but stopped, told me, and went to finish on the potty. The next day at night we took pants off because they were sagging, so was his diaper. So we took that off. But he wanted to slide so I put undies on him. He didn't want to go pee. He peed while brushing his teeth (running water) and peed a lot in those undies. No biggie - accidents is a way to learn. The next day he got naked when he woke and peed in the potty twice before nap. I didn't push it that afternoon. Then Wednesday he got naked after waking up, peed once and played. Before lunch I told him to go pee while I made lunch. He did with no fight then put undies on so his bum wasn't cold sitting at his chair. He ate lunch then went to play. I noticed him crouching behind the rocking chair and I asked if he had to pee. He said no he was pooping. I said don't poop in your undies put it in the potty. It seemed to click and he ran to the bathroom to go. I'm happy I caught him before he pooped in his underwear. Pulled them off and he pooped out a tiny turd. He was so proud and stood up. I told him he had to sit and put all his poops out. So he took a minute (too busy trying to see the one he got out) but eventually kicked me out. He pooped (a ton) and called me in when he was finished. I was SO proud of him. I told him he could have ice cream for pooping in the potty, but he didn't want that he wanted candy. He was all excited because the day before we bought more jelly beans and now had more pink ones lol. His favorite. So after pooping he put a diaper on and took a nap. When he woke dry I was SO excited and stripped him waist down. He was so mad and had a small fit about it. Finally 40 minutes later I convinced him to sit on the potty and he peed again!!! We were both so excited. A little bit later he asked for pizza for dinner. How could I deny a kid who went potty so well. I kept telling him how proud I was so YES he could have pizza for dinner. SO I put a diaper on him to go get pizza. When we got home he was dry so I took it off and put undies back on him again. He peed once more before bed and I was SO excited. I let him watch finding Nemo in my room and sleep in my bed.

I tried making a huge deal out of it because really it is. He had a diaper all day Thursday because we were gone all day, and today he seems like he could be getting sick. I am still not pushing it, but really excited he is getting the hint. So I am thinking maybe a month or so after baby comes (once we've all adjusted) we will take away diapers and spend a few days naked making it work. But right now we are gone so often for appts I am not ready to push it 100%. 

37 week update

Weight 195
BP 123/80 something if I remember right

My brain no longer works these days. Yesterday I had my NST and OB appt. NST looked good and OB went well. I was checked last Thursday and she said 1cm. Yesterday he said the outside is a fingertip/ 1cm dilated but inside its closed, and that I'm 50% effaced. Honestly I was hoping to be a little more dilated at this point. With Leiland I was 3cm by now. Also on Monday I noticed I could see my cervix from the vaginal opening - WEIRD. The only thing I could find online was that its the starting stages of a prolapsed uterus. When my dr checked he said no that my uterus and cervix are just really low from the baby. So thats good news.

I've been cleaning like crazy this week (Tim is out of town) and think I overdid it on Wednesday. I was having a lot of sharp pains low in my uterus and in my back. Then a few lingered to yesterday morning. Dr said they aren't contractions though. SO just need to not do AS much (yeah right). Tim gets home today and Im so excited. I hated him being gone so close to my due date. It was only a week and he was only 8 hours away, but still. He gets home tonight and we are both ready to have him back.

I've still been struggling with food now appealing to me. Wednesday we got pizza and I only ate one piece and struggled to eat that much. My favorite meal right now is seasoned chicken breasts and chicken rice. This rice but Chicken flavor not creamy chicken. I usually cook two breasts at a time and put half the rice and one chicken breast in the fridge for another day. I can't get enough of it. Nothing else is appealing and surprisingly I have a really hard time eating when nothing sounds good.

I still feel huge and well don't expect that to change anytime soon lol. I pee non stop. According to the dr the baby is low, and I think thats why. I seriously could go pee every 10 minutes. And I have to lift my belly and move around to make sure I get out the most possible at once while going to the potty. With that, WHY do you get the tiniest little cup to pee in at the dr? Seriously I can't see what I am doing down there, let alone see which direction pee is going (it likes to change direction mid pee). I have to catch it which usually includes getting SOME on me and yesterday included some getting on my pants (awesome). They really do need a better way to collect pregnant women's pee. Thats just a cruel joke. Geez its hard enough to write my name on the tiny cup.

I have been sleeping alight. Leiland is still waking up, but I've opened his door at night and when he wakes up crying I call to him to come in my room, and he does. He walks in and climbs in our bed happily. This helps me go back to sleep easier. But it also means I'm not getting up to pee at night, so I REALLY have to go when I wake up.

I've been watching closely and I still don't see any new stretch marks. I suppose thats good. I use lotion when I feel dry but its not every day or even every shower. Shaving is really hard, even shaving my thighs is tough. I struggle to put on socks as well. I either chance falling over or can't breath when I lift a foot up. When I sit at the kitchen table I have to keep my legs open now to make room for my belly to fall between or I can't breath and it hurts. My belly hits the steering wheel now when I drive, and I can't reach to put the GPS on without smashing my stomach. Definitely feeling huge these days lol. I think one of my favorites is Leiland will run to hug me and bounce off my belly. He thinks its funny, but it actually hurts a little.

So yes, 37 weeks. Only 3 more weeks till he is "due". I used to think this guy would come earlier but lack of dilation is making me think he is in no hurry to get here. Next week Tim's mom gets here, and at that point I am ready for baby to come. Everyone keeps telling me to relax but I really want this house clean so I can feel ready for him when he does come. I still also want to cook and freeze some meals before he comes. Also do some sewing. So much to do still. Some days I am NOT READY for him to come, but others I just feel like I want him. NOW! So unsure lol.

Yesterday I installed his car seat - thats was a big deal. A little bummed it doesn't fit beside Leilands seat though. So he is on the opposite side of the car as me. I may switch the boys and have baby behind me, but we will see, not sure yet. Now I just need to pack the hospital bag. Still need to make the hat for little man coming home. Better get moving lol.