CVS results and gender

So I got the call today to tell us the results from our CVS. There are NO chromosome abnormalities with out precious little bean. I am SO happy to hear this great news. They offered some additional testing but I don't feel its necessary. I am happy with this. Now we just wait to see how the heart looks as it grows and see whats up with the arm.

And, we now know we are having a Little GIRL!!!

DH and I are so excited, we both really wanted a girl, but would be happy either way. I am so happy right now.

NT Scan with pictures

Here are some pictures I freeze framed from the ultrasounds we had. The black and white are from the second day where the NT was measuring larger (4.55mm) and the orange 2d pictures are from the first NT scan where they noticed the arm length issue.

Both arms from top

Long arm from top

Short Arm from top

Long arm from side

Short arm from side

All measurements from day 2

Abnormal NT measurements


3d imagefrom day 2

Told the RE

I have an appointment next Wednesday to see my RE one last time before I head out to Michigan. I don't feel the need to drive all the way out there just to see my baby one more time on an ultrasound. He can't tell me anything more, so there was no reason to go in. So today I called the office and asked to have Dr Quintero call me back, and he did within 10 minutes of it. So I filled him in on what we found and he felt really bad and apologized. He was asking questions because he offered to do the D&C there at their office, but we won't know results and make a decision before we head for Michigan. But he did say that he will keep with my plan, since we paid for two cycles.

I thought that was really awesome.

So thats that, I had lots of dreams last night, and was able to sleep in.

CVS Test

Ok, so my CVS test was able to be done today, even though we just had the NT Scan yesterday. We should have he results in about 7-10 days. We talked with the genetics councilor and we still have no idea what this is because there is honestly NOTHING in mine or dh's family history. So we did the CVS to test chromosomes and have a more definitive idea of whats going on.

However, the dr at this office also did a scan, they measured the NT again and it was a little larget at 4.5 mm. The HB was 151 today and baby was kicking around. They never got a great view of the shorter arm but they did notice it. However its still very hard to see how abnormal it is. The Dr also mentioned he thinks there might be a club foot. We won't really know for sure or how bad till the 20 week ultrasound when they can do a comprehensive ultrasound of limps when baby is larger.

Ok, and on top of that, he mentioned there is a problem with the heart, and even the tech noticed it. They said something about it being off axis, but didn't really explain. He said once we know where the chromosomes are we can have an U/S to look at it closely and see how it developes. Right now its just too small and underdeveloped to really see whats wrong with it. Then I will have to have a 22 week echocardiogram to really go in-depth to look at the heart.

So DH and I are talking. I will load pics later to show you what we are talking about, but we can't see the feet. We are discussing different scenarios, and if everything is the issue (feet, arm, heart, and chromosomes) then we have to decide about things like how many surgeries that would be and what kind of life it will be. We both agree we could handle DS, but anything like trisomy 13 and 18, they just don't offer any kind of life for this baby.

So that is where we stand right now. I appreciate all the prayers we can have, we really need them right now.

I am on bedrest for two days after the CVS. They had to go through my abdomen because of where the placenta was located, but it wasn't terrible. There was a lot of cramping, but it went fairley quick. I even got to see the tissue sample, and that was kind of neat.

Oh and we learned that the NT enlargement could be a sign of a heart issue, and there is a chance that nothing is wrong with the babies chromosomes.

NT Scan -12w3d

So, today I went for the beloved NT scan. Before hand I was not going to go if Insurance didn't cover it. I felt I didn't need to pay the $895 for an elaborate ultrasound when I had NO family history or anything that would suggest I would have a need for it.

But they told me the copay was only $40, so I decided why not. So I went in for my appointment at 9:45 this morning, and was finally seen at 10:45. The ultrasound combined was only about 25-35 minutes, but I was in there about an hour.We had to stop and I had to bounce around to see baby at a different angle.

Baby is still measuring about a week behind, but its still growing.

So when the dr got the second view, he showed me a few things. One, I have a fibroid on one side, but he didn't tell me how large it was. Then he showed me excess fluid and even I could tell it was more then what the normal pictures had looked like.

So there is more then likely something wrong. I am rushing in tomorrow to get a CVS test done so I don't have to wait till I am 16-18 to have an Amnio done. I don't want to wait that long to know whats wrong.

The other things. It appears that baby has one arm that did not grow right. And the dr things this is related to whatever abnormality it has. It seems to have an elbow and a hand, but I couldn't see if it had fingers or if they are webbed. The baby didn't move that arm much, and its about 1/2 the length.

So thats the news so far. I balled my eyes out this morning, and I am doing ok right now. DH is being great and I was able to call a few friends who really helped me.

Please keep us in our prayers. I am just praying this baby has something other then a death sentience and can just be born and be a kid. Praying is all I can do at this point, its out of my hands.

Thanks for reading everyone.

11 weeks - wow

How far along: 11 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 7 pounds
Maternity clothes: Pants, I ripped my only regular pair, so I just switched since it was inevitable
Stretch marks: None yet
Sleep: Wanting more, and can't help but fall asleep earlier.
Best moment this week: I went to register, I know its WAY early, but oh well, I will adjust and rearrange them when the time gets closer.
Movement: Not yet
Food cravings: This week nothing really sounds good, but I am still hooked on chicken noodle soup, Lipton brand
Gender: Not sure yet, thinking girl
Labor Signs: too soon
Belly Button in or out: In
What I miss: My sex drive
What I am looking forward to: The NT scan ultrasound next week, can you imagine, I get to watch my bean for over an hour on the screen
Weekly Wisdom: I have learned my hormones make me crazy, and I just need to keep my mouth closed sometimes.
Milestones: Nothing i can think of

Today was the day

That I took my final shot of Progesterone in Oil. What a big day it was. I have been taking this shot in the bit bent over my stove since we put those two embryos back inside me on December 6th. I honestly don't mind the shot for the most part, after the first two, they really didn't hurt, and many times I never felt it go it. The first week I had to sit on a heating pad for my sore cheeks, but that had to eventually end because I got far too warm. Eventually my right butt check went mostly numb, however the shots usually hurt worse them. We have ofically run out of spots to prick my ass, and well we lived.

So 62 days and shots, plus 81 IUI later, I am wishing my progesterone a friendly farewell.

Now it is time for my tush to heal and go back to its normal shape and size.

Here marks 10 weeks and 5 day pregnant STILL!!!!

Pregnancy Symptoms

At this point, the bold is what I am feeling. We will see how this changes and what is true in my case.

It's a boy if:
You didn't experience morning sickness in early pregnancy (started and ended about 9 weeks)
Your baby's heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute
You are carrying the extra weight out front
Your belly looks like a basketball
Your areolas have darkened considerably
You are carrying low
You are craving salty or sour foods
You are craving protein -- meats and cheese
Your feet are colder than they were before pregnancy
The hair on your legs has grown faster during pregnancy
Your hands are very dry

Your pillow faces north when you sleep
Dad-to-be is gaining weight, right along with you
Pregnancy has you looking better than ever
Your urine is bright yellow in color
Your nose is spreading
You hang your wedding ring over your belly and it moves in circles You are having headaches
You add your age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived and the sum is an even number

It's a girl if:
You had morning sickness early in pregnancy
Your baby's heart rate is at least 140 beats per minute (174 bpm)
You are carrying the weight in your hips and rear

Your left breast is larger than your right breast
Your hair develops red highlights
You are carrying high
Your belly looks like a watermelon
You are craving sweets
You are craving fruit

You crave orange juice
You don't look quite as good as normal during pregnancy
You are moodier than usual during pregnancy
Your face breaks out more than usual
You refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread
Your breasts have really blossomed!
Your pillow faces south when you sleep
Your urine is a dull yellow color
You hang your wedding ring over your belly and it moves from side to side
You add your age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived and the sum is an odd number

I am not fully feeling the effects of constipation and the morning sickness I was feeling for such a short time, has passed.

10w1d ultrasound

So we went in for my apointment, and everything looks great. The HB was 174 and sounded SO neat. The baby is still measuring a week behind at 9w0d.

Here are the pics, the dr was able to even point out the lips.

This is my favorite

HEre is the umbilical cord