We have a tooth

His first little tooth popped through today. Its so cute and crooked too.


Yesterday Leiland had a long day. In the morning we went to the pedritician's office for Leilands 9 month check up. He received his 3rd Hep B shot and did amazing. Then together we had lunch at Panera and went to the dentist where he played with all the staff. We went home and he nursed on my right side and when I sat him up to burp him he had a giant hive on the left side of his nose and a few smaller ones on the right side. FREAKED me out, had no idea what happened. So I called the dr office and they said to give him 1 teaspoon of benadryl per 20 pounds, so we ran to target to get some, but it disappeared in about 15 minutes so I didn't give it to him. There has been no change in my diet, products I use on my skin or clothes, or foods he has eaten. We went about our day, didn't happen again.

Then today we were getting ready to go buy Tim a new truck, nursed him on my left side, sat him up - he has a hive now on his right cheek. What the heck? So I did give him the benadryl and it took close to 2 hours before it went down. No idea whats causing this reaction in him.

Almost a tooth

Leiland has less of a bump where his tooth is coming but now i can see it. I can see it through the gums and it looks crooked as well as purple. Also when i press on it i can feel it. Not much longer.

Trying to walk

Leiland is trying so hard to walk. I can't believe how close he is either. Its hard to explain because I can't take a video to share, but he does it two ways. I stand him up and he tries, can take 1-2  steps then lunges or bends over to put his hands on the ground. Or he side steps along the couch till the edge and tries to take off from there. He is pretty close but needs a little more practice on his balance. However he isn't really trying to stand unassisted much on his own, but he can for short periods.

Oh boy

Leiland just tried taking a step all on his own. I was laying on the floor and he was standing leaning back on my stomach. He stood himself on his own and took one step and transferred over to the couch. Not walking by any means, but he is trying. He also stood by himself for about 15 seconds in the middle of the room before falling.

Possible tooth coming

Tonight I was checking Leilands mouth for any tooth progress, still no teeth. BUT I noticed his bottom right (when looking at him) was just a tad whiter then usual. So I was touching it, and the gums are just slightly raised/ swollen compared to the surrounding. Not sure how long till one may come through, but holy cow we could be signing out of the toothless smile club pretty soon. Tim felt and didn't feel it though. I'm not imagining it though.

9 months old

Holy cow, 1 year is approaching FAST, and I know after 1 flies by so quickly. I won't say I can't believe it because I totally can. I get to spend every day with this amazing little boy and I love ever minute of it. The 9 months have flown by, but I remember so many great times, it isn't being missed. I love seeing how big he is getting and how smart he is becoming. Its so special that I get to watch him learn, that is just a joy to see things connect for your child. What Leiland LOVES - his animals, particularly Ebony lately - stuffed animals - hair - my gosh he loves hair. Still cuddles with it and just rubs it. But he also yanks it. - shoes - if there is a shoe in sight, he WILL find it - it is how we got him to crawl though - yogurt melts and Happy Munchies Broccoli, Kale, and Cheddar snacks. - standing - crawling was just a means to get somewhere so he could stand up - my cup - he really loves playing with my cupco cups and pulling the stwar in and out What Leiland HATES - going to bed - waking up (still tired usually) - falling - oh my goodness does this boy crash - baby food - the jumper, he only wants to play with the toys from the outside now Leiland is finally ok with the car, he still cries some but nowhere near what he used to. He seems to like his bigger car seat much better too. And he waves at himself in the mirror almost every time we are in the car. Milestones - crawling on all 4's and getting pretty fast - sits himself up - sits and plays on his knees - puts 1-2 objects in a container if I show him (never on his own) - feeds himself pretty well (will eat 10-15 yogurt melts and other snacks in a sitting) - bangs all objects - walks holding onto anything (couch, toys, walls, coffee table, gate, doors, chairs...) - starting to let go when in standing position, not a lot but 2-3 times a day at least) - waves hi and by and sometimes goodnight - says dada, still no mama And still no teeth 12 and 18 months clothes, 12 are too short in anything that needs to snap Size 4 diapers 20 pounds 8 ounces 28 inches long

Leilands way

I don't know what it is about Leiland but he learns one skill and is still perfecting it and already he is ready for the next one. Within days of rolling he wanted to be sitting. Withing days of sitting he wanted to be standing all the time, and crawling. Both which took some new muscles he had to work on. Now he is crawling all over, pulling up on everything, starting to let go when standing - and he is trying to climb up on things. Come one little boy, one trick at a time. I think its so funny he wants to jump steps. He has a stool with wooden letters of his name, and he tried so hard last night to get on top of the thing. What next buddy?


Playdates are SO much fun. Yes at this age they are mostly for my entertainment, but I love that Leiland is growing up around all these babies. And he remembers them and the moms. Today my good friend Kristie and her son Jake came over to work on Jakes birthday invitations. The boys were so good with each other and I had a blast watching them play. Jake is just 19 hours younger than Leiland, we were in the hospital together. Anyway, here are some random pictures from out day. Photobucket Photobucket Drinking from a funnel??? Should I be worried about his future activities? Photobucket All these toys, lets play with the water bottle Photobucket Good friends are always there to lend a hand Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Preparing for another future activity? Pals in jail? Please no Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Leiland over this Photobucket Photobucket Haha a head to lean on??? Photobucket And my boy with a love for his books Photobucket

Still Sick

So its been 2 1/2 weeks and Leiland is still sick. He isn't bad, and still gets happy - but he isn't at 100% either. Some days we need Motrin or infant Tylenol to make him feel better, some times he is super clingy (even in the middle of the night). So today we went to see the pediatrician and get him checked out. My worried were either an ear infection or possibly asthma (constant wheezing). So first he weighed 20 pounds 7 ounces today, not gaining very quickly anymore. The dr said his ears are clean, he still has a lot of mucus in his nose, and he said its a sinus infection. He prescribed amoxicilin for the infection and zyrtec for the congestion. So we got both today from the target pharmacy. The amoxicilin is one I am allergic to and I am worried about him possibly being allergic as well, so I am waiting until the morning to start administering it. Just in case he has a reaction, I want to be awake when it happens. The dr also said it should take about 2 days for him to be feeling better, so this will be a nice change in pace for him. Poor kid has been sick for so long I just want him to feel better. And eat food again. First he LOVED playing in the toy part of the lobby, its the first time he has been big enough to enjoy the toys Photobucket Photobucket

Poor sick baby

My poor sick baby still isn't better. Its been 2 weeks now. Last Monday his cough started and his nose had cleared up but started again. Then it cleared and today it started AGAIN. His couch keeps him awake at night and the humidifier isn't helping any. Today he even sounded raspy when he was just sitting on my lap breathing. He had a low grade fever this evening so I gave him tylenol in the bath with his reflux medication. He had diarrhea all day today, poor guy is now getting another rash from it. I just don't know how long to wait on this. Its not like the dr will do anything. I was considering it may be an ear infection because he has been tugging at his left ear, and he does this weird thing where he almost rubs his ear on his shoulder. I may call tomorrow just to see what they think. I just can't believe this cold is still going on after 2 whole weeks. He didn't sleep well last night, and isn't napping too great either.

New skills

Today Leiland learned to drink with a straw. I was using his playtex straw cup that you squeeze to help teach. But you have to suck hard for liquid to come out. So i gave him my cup and he got water. Three times in a row.

For the last few days hes been making kissing noises a ton and two days ago he was blowing.