I see....

We just woke up and are sitting watching Mickey. I have the laptop in my lap while I do my morning emails and Facebook and whatnot. I could feel baby kicking and then a good kick made the whole laptop shake. He did it a few more times before I moved the laptop to watch and sure enough I could see a kick. So awesome.

23 week Update

Thanksgiving day and I am 23 weeks pregnant. That I am incredibly thankful for. I am also very thankful for feeling more and more kicks. I love every minute of it. We are finally over being sick for the most part. A lingering cough but otherwise feeling better. I've been cleaning like crazy getting ready for Tim getting home next week.

My belly doesn't seem any bigger but I notice I am gaining some weight. I still can't fall asleep at night which means I am exhausted when we finally wake up. I sleep on my stomach most times still which is the most comfortable position.

Really nothing has been going on this wise pregnancy related. I have my anatomy scan in just 11 more days. Can't wait to see this little guy again and how big he has gotten.

Baby is the size of a mango, just over 11 inches, and right about a pound in weight.

22 week update

Weight - 184

Feeling pretty good. Getting over a cold I've had for over a week now. I am sick of coughing fits and blowing my nose. I am best to be sitting on the toilet when either happens because well - I tend to pee a little. It's getting worse and worse as the cold goes on. Embarrassing yes but still true. Because I have been sick I haven't had a big appetite other than soup and popsicles. Also eating lots of hard candies for my throat and cough.

Baby has been moving a whole lot more and stronger lately. He also has the hiccups every so often which I don't recall ever feeling with Leiland. My belly is definitely growing, belly button becoming more shallow, and I am getting a few red spots leading to new stretch marks. I don't mind though, I have plenty already so why not add some more.

I have been sleeping ok this week and been exhausted from all I have left to get done. Tim gets home in 2 weeks and I have so much left to do.

I have listened to the HB a few times lately, and Leiland loves it so much he now brings me the doppler to listen to brother. Its the cutest thing ever. He has a new boy baby doll as well which he loves so much. He also likes to hug and kiss my belly/ his brother. Its really cute. If I am rubbing my belly he comes over and rubs too.

Its really starting to cool off here finally and I broke down and turned the heat on downstairs today. I find I don't really like my maternity clothes a whole lot lately, so I am living in my black comfy pants, sweats, or jammies. Not sure what I will do for a winter coat this winter either.

It's crazy to me that I am 22 weeks. I feel like I have forever to go but at the same time I can't believe I am already this far already. The baby is about the size of a papaya (10.9" from head to heel).

Cravings lately have been limited to chicken noodle soup, salty foods, carrots and ranch, and fruit smoothies. Today I made some pretty awesome sweet potatoes that were incredible so I just might need to make some more. Potatoes and fruit as the most consistent cravings I have had this pregnancy. Sweets are not hitting the spot either. Leiland still craves pizza - its a food group to that kid.

More kicking

I've noticed a LOT more movement over the past few days. Its still light but much stronger then it was, and much more often. Makes me happy. Some women complain about how much their baby moves and I just crave it. I love feeling movement, did the whole pregnancy with Leiland. Not long and we will be seeing some kicks from the little man.

21 week update

21 weeks today. I was a little nervous coming into this week just because 21 weeks was when Ruth was born. I still don't feel him move a lot and still worry about him here and there. It will pass but for now we move forward.

 Weight - 183.6 - up 3.6 pounds this pregnancy.

 I feel good. I have still been getting heartburn and nausea that make it nearly impossible to eat. I've taken tums a few times and sometimes the help others not at all. I try to eat but food just never sounds good. I don't want to cook because I end up throwing so much away because I just can't eat it. Even a lot of cereals don't sound good. Apples are pretty good to me though, they always hit the spot. And salty chips.

 I am to the point that I get winded easily already. Going up the stairs or talking while doing too much. Its too early for this, I have a LONG way to go still. I don't feel like my stomach is getting big. I just feel fat most days. Compared to Leilands pregnancy I don't think I am any bigger than I was with him. If anything I am smaller.

 I have started nesting. All I want is the house to be clean and organized. I wish I had the energy to match the desire. Leiland is moving to the spare room and I am almost done getting his stuff moved over. The baby has his NB and 3m clothes hanging in what will become his room.

 According to the app on my phone the baby is the size of a carrot. About 10.5" from head to heel. That seems so big.

 I really don't have anything to report this week. Not much happening.

2 1/2 Year Update for Leiland

Holy cow, he is already 2 1/2? Before I know it he will be 3.
27.8 pounds, 35 1/2 inches. Wearing 2T (not 24m - too small) and a lot of 3T shirts and some 3T pants (carters knit)

Right this minute, he is teething like crazy. The first two year molar (top left)has broke skin on one side and is almost through on the other. The bottom two are showing progress and I can feel the outside edge pushing close. But basically he is miserable 85% of the time.

He is napping great but nighttime has been a little rough. He wakes once every night and has since July when Tim deployed. Right now I am not fighting it, but shortly after Tim is home, I will do my best to get him staying in bed at night. He needs the uninterrupted sleep as much as I do. As far as going to bed though he is doing pretty good. At naps if he doesn't feel ready to sleep he is allowed to have his friends that are in his bed and then a couple books to read. He stays in bed reading till he is ready to sleep.

He won't let me read him many books these days. Once I start he wants to take it away and read himself. So I don't push it too much. He does like the little critter books but will not sit through more then a few pages of anything Dr Seuss.

I won't make a list of all his words like I once did, I could spend days and still miss words. He talks like crazy. New phrases though are things like
"Follow that train!"
"Oops, I forgot"
"I want my mommy"
"Don't leave me mommy"

He will repeat most things you tell him to say, is really good with his Please, Thank You, You're Welcome, and is beginning to be better using Excuse me, and Bless you. He says sorry but still needs help knowing when its needed. When he gets in trouble for doing something he knows he needs to say "Sorry for ____" but if he accidentally bonks me in the head, he doesn't always know he needs to apologize. Overall he is a very sweet and loving little boy, but he is also getting his own little mind. He tests limits, is too rough with the animals still, and doesn't usually like using listening ears. But he is 2, we are working on it.

Sharing is hard, but he seriously loves being with friends. He gets so bored with just me.

He knows all his colors, or at least he did but now always says yellow is purple. He can identify all his ABC's but lately has no interest in playing that game anymore. It's very much on his terms, but I am pretty sure he is starting to forget them now because he won't do it. He wasn't great with numbers so I got a great game on the iPad and he learned to identify I believe 1-10 but again he won't play it anymore and is starting to forget them.

Leiland is terrible with names. We spent 2 weeks in Minnesota with Connie and her kids. He really struggled to remember their names. Sam he did alright with but Cassie was "her" and Connie was "Her mom". By about a week or so in he started using them more. I am terrible with names so I see where he gets it from.

Leiland just got to go trick or treating for the first time. He was unsure about it at first when we went to the mall, but by the time we were out that night he was a pro. He would only yell trick or treat if the door was closed. He wouldn't talk to people once they opened the door or if already outside. He's not usually shy but its becoming more and more as he gets a little older.

Some of Leilands favorite toys right now are still his train table, the slide and ball pit, cars, and his Mickey Mouse and Toy Story figures. He loves Jesse. He loves the Toy Story movies as well. Morning shows he is pretty open to watch most things but like Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, 3rd and Bird, and Bubble Guppies. He still watches Fresh Beat band but not very often.

Potty training these days is pretty nonexistent. I am trying not to push it but I really wanted him in underwear by now. But I fell like he will be in diapers till he is 6. He could care less and with the recent travels and now teething, it's just not the right time. I wanted to start really trying this week but teething is making that a bad idea. So still in diapers at this point. And thats fine.

I love my buddy, he snuggles me so much through the day, gives unprompted I love you mommy's and hugs. He makes my day and just make life so much better.

Daily Schedule as of lately (several months now)

7:30 (6-8:80)           wake up
8-8:30                      Breakfast and watch 1-2 shows
11:00-11:45             eat lunch
12-1                         Nap for 2-3 hours
5:30                         Dinner
7:45-8:15                Bedtime
12:00am - 2am       Wake and come to moms bed

20 week update

Yay technically half way there. As long as I don't go overdue like I did with Leiland. 

I'm excited to say I'm pretty sure I felt the baby move last night and today. It's hard to tell and not very often but I'm pretty certain it's him. Can't wait to really feel him good. 

Belly is growing. I am terrible at taking pictures this pregnancy. My stretch marks are just about flush with my skin and stretched out. My belly button is getting more shallow by the day it seems. I'm certain my belly button will stick out much sooner this time. I'm curious if ill get a lot more stretch marks this time. I honestly don't care if I do. 

I feel pretty good. Sleep on my belly still. Pee less often then those early 16ish weeks. Can eat. I have begun getting heartburn though. I guess if its not one thing it's another. 

I wish I could sleep in. I have had a better time falling asleep and that's been much needed. Leiland teething though is kicking my butt. And he wakes at least once a night right now. 

I don't really crave any one item yet. I will crave a food but almost always when I get it it just doesn't hit the spot. Like Applebee's chips and salsa. Or my BBQ chicken salad I got yesterday. I don't know food just lost its appeal. I did eat a fantastic grape popsicle today. That hit the spot. I need to freeze some oj and eat that. It's always a favorite. 

Not too much happening here though. Acne is getting worse, constipation slightly better, still able to sleep and trying to cherish it. 

I feel like ice been nesting a lot lately. More so than I even did with Leilands pregnancy. And way earlier then I k we was possible. Problem is I just don't have the energy to keep it all up. I already get tired so quick. I've been working on Leiland coming down the stairs on his own. He wants me to carry him especially when he's just woke up. I get it but its also pretty hard for me. As is going up holding him. He's almost 28 pounds now. 

Tim will be home soon and I'm so excited about it. Can't wait to have him within reach again. Less than a month. 

Today's OB appt

19 weeks 6 days 

Hb sounded great and we could hear him kicking. 

BP 116/80

Weight 184.4 pounds. 

Leiland weighed 27.8 pounds