Dumb Eyelash Wish

I know this is just incredibly dumb, but hey its in my head.

About 3 months back I had made a wish on an eyelash. We always do this and I ALWAYS ask for a BFP. But it never happens. So this one time I decided to be patient knowing we were about to move and wouldn't be doing a lot of baby-making. SO I wished for a BFP in 3 months. Well we didn't time anything this month, but EVERYTHING has me thinking. DH even came down and asked me to do him a favor. When I asked what he asked that I get preggo this month. It kinda hurt, but I know how he feels.

So anyway I have had some serious nipple pain this week but it was much less today. I have had more stomach issues this month as well. But I have been on vacation, as well as eating more oreos and milk and mac and cheese. Cheese is a big no-no for me. Anyway I went to the bathroom today and had some serious watery CM. This too is very off for being on CD 23. But I had a little yesterday as well, just more today.

Anyway I am praying this could be a surprise month, I just don't believe it. I already had my EWCM around CS 15 so I don't think my nipple soreness is from ovulation.

Anyway, heres to hoping my dumb eyelash wish is coming true.....