So proud

Tonight I am so proud of Owen. We have been working lately on him going to bed on his own and he does really great with it most times. Its been really hard to be super consistent because he shares with Leiland and I can't let him lay in there and fuss if Leiland is sleeping already. But every chance I get I put him in awake. He usually gets all happy to see all the animals in the bedding then fusses for a few minutes before I go in and just reassure him he is ok, then he will toss around fussing a bit and usually fall asleep. He never really cries unless he is WAY overtired but talks in a disgruntled tone.

Tonight (after a long day at the air show) he took a bath with Leiland then played with Anna a bit. I got Leiland dressed and he slept in my bed because Anna is staying over and is in his bed. SO then I notice Owen is indeed tired - no surprise - so I take him from the living room where he is playing and laughing with Anna, lay him in bed, and within 5-6 minutes he has rolled over and fallen asleep. No fussing at all.

Most likely he was just super tired - but either way I will take it - he went to bed all on his own. Last night he also slept through the night. Went to bed great then slept all night - crazy.

He's getting too big on me. Love him though. Leiland was much older when he started going to bed on his own - Owens only 5 months but he is a finger sucker - so that seems to really help. YAY Owen.

more pictures

These eyes amaze me  -  what a beautiful color

5 month update

Holy cow - how is this little man 5 months old already? Some days it feels like it came out of nowhere then others I feel like he's been here forever. Life is not the same as it was before him - its new and so special with him as an addition. We all just love our Owen and his awesome spirit.

So rolling is simple and easy to do these days - every direction and all over the floor. Consequently he does the same in the crib. ALL OVER the place lol. But thats ok - he has fun with it. However this means he is not very safe in my bed anymore. He can squirm to the end of the bed SO quickly.

Owen has decided to get mad at me every time he sees anyone eating real food. He launches his body to plates of food and gets his hands in and on EVERYTHING he can reach. Not cool dude. But only a few more weeks and we will be starting solids.

He is sitting really well but has no real interest in it, he always goes to his belly within a minute or two. He manages to scoot backwards but hasn't figured out crawling just yet. He pushes up on his arms really well and tries to pull his legs under but if I try to place him on all 4's he gets mad and instantly flails outward. On his tummy he looks like he is swimming. Its adorable.

He still refuses all pacifiers but still loves his two fingers - everyone likes to comment on them. Most people ask if he's teething when no its just that he likes to suck his fingers. Its adorable as could be but I do not look forward to breaking the habit down the road. On a good note though he has taken 3 bottles in the last 2ish weeks. I gave the first one and he played for 20 minutes then finally took it. The next day we had a date night while he stayed with grandma - played a bit again but still took it. Then yesterday I gave another (because I would have to toss it soon otherwise) and he didn't even play but just drank it. The two I gave him he fell asleep to as well.

Because he's taken a few I have pumped a few times. I try to not over pump but I have been leaking lately so yesterday after he took the bottle I pumped. It seems to be mostly my right side that leaks, but they have both been known to embarrass me. Maybe I need some new breast pads.

Sleeping wise Owen is doing pretty good - he naps 2-3 times a day. 1/2 the time or so he lays in there awake and falls asleep on his own. At night he wakes once in the early morning and comes in my bed to nurse and sleep a little more. I think its usually between 4-6am that he wakes but I am usually really tired so I couldn't say for sure.

Lately Owen doesn't seem to be as talkative - not sure why but he just isn't talking too much. He drools insane amounts but still no teeth. He loves Leiland - man those two are so sweet together and Owen just adores his brother so much already (I know thats pretty common with siblings lol). He is the happiest baby I know - so easy to coax a smile. He will grab your face and try to eat you if you get close enough. LOVES to play with hair and will sit on your lap and just watch whats happening around him.

Right now Owen nurses every 3-4 hours. Usually right at 3 hours. He nurses just one side every feeding and for about 6-12 minutes. Sometimes he falls asleep and will go about 20 minutes but not always. He uses his top arm to cover his eyes up and never looks at me. If anyone is talking (especially Leiland) he can't stand to nurse and will just try to roll over and flip upside down in order to see what he is missing.

We've just started introducing a few baby signs. I use all done and milk through the days. I am reteaching Leiland as well so he can use them and understand what Owen is saying if Owen takes to them. Owen is also still on reflux meds. He can't miss more then a dose here and there or he is puking a significant amount more and it will take a few days to get back to his normal. I am taking him in tomorrow to weight him just to see if the dosing should be up any more because I always want to make sure he has the right dose. He is still on the zantac though. Leiland was moved off this much sooner than Owen - but I have always believed Owen's wasn't as bad as Leilands was.

Thats in for now. Now a few pictures. Sorry if they are out of order or not from month 4-5. Trying over here.