4th of July 2012

So, today was 4th of July and we had a good day (minus the giant black widow spider sighting).  Leiland napped twice but neither was a great nap. We went to go to the movies but the times listed online were different when we got there, and so we missed 20 minutes and decided to go another day. Then we came home for Leilands second nap. We went to Apple Valley to see some live music, games, and fireworks. Anna did a rock climbing things then took Leiland in a jump house. We also did a dunk tank and Anna threw 5 balls and I threw 2. I hit the target on the first throw too. Leiland played a little game where you fish for an egg and get a prize based on the token color inside. He got a stuffed dolphin and enjoyed playing in the water. Then we walked to get some food. We shared a grilled corn on the cob, hot dog, nachos, and some garlic french fries (so yummy). Then I got Anna a cake pop for dessert and Leiland enjoyed it ALL. He ate a lot of the corn and just a couple chips with cheese. When we were done we wandered the shops they had and I bought Anna an Air Force pin for $1 and then we found a spot to sit for fireworks. Leiland enjoyed running up to people and waving then stopping mid run to dance. He is so cute with his dancing. Once fireworks started at 9 he was definitely tired but still doing good. he loved watching them and started saying some owws and ahhs. Mid way though he really wanted to nurse so I did that and come the finale he had to stop and watch and just smiled. He did so good, passed out after we got in the car, and went right into bed when we got home. Hopefully he sleeps good tonight. he hasn't even stirred from the fireworks outside tonight.

Sign Language: Please

Leiland signed Please for the first time and I am SO proud. He wanted more of one of his baby foods - the kind you suck out of the pouch. It was clear as day and so cute.