We have word #3. It started on Friday and he has been getting better with it every day since. He totally says cat and emphasizes the t. Its SO cute.

Yesterday Geppetto was sitting beside us and he would pat his back and sat "dat, dat, dat" over and over. Sometimes it sounds like "at" sometimes its "dat" and sometimes he says "tat.

He is also saying dog, but now as noticeable and not as intentional. If you say Leiland can you say cat? He will almost always respond.

Leiland makes me so proud

Also some great faces in here

My Tiny Dancer

So this shows Leilands dancing skills and lack of attention. He accidentally turned on the tv, then was excited over the music. You can see how long he watches tv for. I left it on for about 10 more minutes and he didn't look over one time - so back to my Gilmore Girls. But he only recently began dancing so its still a lot of fun for us.

Tooth #4

Tooth 4 appeared this morning or sometime late last night two nights ago he slept through the night, one night ago he was up 3 times, and last night he slept through the night.

His top tight tooth is in so hopefully he can have a little break now.

CIO Whatever day

Im not really sure what day we are on.

2 nights ago I had to nurse Leiland at 430 because he didn't eat much the day prior, but then he slept till 9am. Last night I didn't nurse him and when rocking him he wouldn't settle so I put him in the crib and cried off and on for about 8 minutes before going to sleep. He slept till 8 this morning.

We are on nap #1 this morning and because he didn't nurse last night he ate first thing, then had some breakfast. He was fussing because he is tired so I took him to bed, no nursing or rocking, laid him down, started his sea horse, and he fussed less then 5 minutes and went to sleep. He didn't even sit up in the crib.

THIS is an amazing step, he is getting it. I am so proud of him.

Tooth #3

Leiland's top left tooth came through today.

CIO day 2 and 3

Yesterday we only did 1 nap at home. Leiland took a 2 hour nap after nursing without much fuss. Then we had to leave so i woke him to go to our playdate. He then slept the whole hour car drive.

Today his first nap took an hour to get hin down and i had to rock him the last 5 minutes. He slept 2 hours. The second nap i nursed but stopped when he started falling asleep. He was upset but i put him in his bed. 3 to 5 minutes of crying and he went to sleep.  He slept an hour and 45 minutes.

Now we're nursing before bed and hopefully tonight goes well.

CIO Day 1

what? You say we already did CIO day 1? Well we had to stop and are starting over. He was teething too bad to let him CIO before. But that bottom tooth is through and now we are still working on the top two, but he is doing better.

So, I didn't really decide to was going to be day 1 till I went up to lay him in bed. I had already nursed him and he was sleeping good. When I moved him to burp him I smelled he had pooped, so I had to change him which woke him of course, but not too awake. However when I went to lay him in bed he was looking all around. First I laid him down and walked out, but he just sat up, so I went back and held him for a minute. I then laid him back down and rubbed him hair and back to calm him, but he kept crying. So I kept rubbing. He would have been down a little before he was but the cat came in and jumped in his crib. Loser. So I had to toss him and that started Leiland. SO I kept rubbing. It took about 25 minutes total but he did fall asleep. We will see how well I do during the night.

11 month update

I kind of missed the 10 month update - oops.
So Leiland is getting so big. He is trying to walk but he's scared. Im certain its from the numerous face plants. But he runs holding your finger or the couch. He alao will walk 5 to 10 steps to get to me, the couch, or a toy. Most times if you stand him up and he wants something he will get down and crawl. Otherwise he stands there for a good amount of time.
He is eating better. Hes been doing solids 3x a day now since Hawaii. Usually meals consists of 3 or 4oz of purees and a few bites of whatever I'm eating. He doesn't eat a lot though. He also nurses about 4 times a day.
He still isn't sleeping well. We did good till he had that sinus infection. Then teething has bothered him since over a month ago. His poor mouth looks so sore.
Leiland is completely off his previcid and has been since Hawaii. He still needs to be burped but it's finally doing good off the reflux medication.
Favorite toys are pretty much anything. He likes anything and no toy lasts longer than a couple minutes. He loves climbing even though most things cause him to come crashing down. He comes running if the laptop is out and just goes nuts for it.
At 10.5 months he started hitting everything. Its not hard but still unacceptable. Not sure if telling him no hitting 50 times a day is working or if ignoring it would be better. The joys. He has also been super whiney. I think its due to teething though.
So not a ton new. Finally has his 2ndtooth, only says mama and dada. He says hi but I don't think it's intentional. He gets into everything and is so full of personality. He is a cuddly loving little boy and only a month out from toddlerhood.
Clothes: 18 months
Diapers: cloth or size 4
Eyes: hazel
Shoes: 3.5

Walking better

Leiland's been taking steps for awhile now but yesterday seems like he started a lot more. All of a sudden he does it on his own. He is now walking to objects in the middle of the room instead of just walking to me or the couch. He is going farther now too. He can walk about half the living room. Sometimes less but thats the most he will do. Its so fun watching him learn. Today he aide stepped 6 steps to me.

Tooth #2

Tooth #2 has arrived!!! The matching tooth on the bottom is in (bottom right, middle) and it looks a little crooked too.

Sneaky tooth

All this time i was sure Leiland's top two teeth were coming next. I can feel them and they are close but the bottom right tooth seems next. I can just barely see it and when I press I can feel it. I knew it was red the past few days but man that one came quick. Just seems like the top two are taking forever. No wonder he's been so cranky - poor guys is working on 3 teeth.