Our trip to Michigan part 1

In February I got to borrow my sister for 3 weeks. So happy. But this week it was time to return her. So here we are in Michigan. Monday we left MD to drive to Michigan. GPS says 11 hours and some minutes. First we dropped off books at the library, then deposited a check at the bank, and lastly returned a redbox movie. By the time that was all done it was 10 am. On the road. Anna sat in front with me and Leiland happily played in the back seat. He had a few snacks, cycled through a couple toys, and around 11:30 finally fell asleep for his nap. I was surprised how long he went. When he finally woke around 1 we stopped for pizza. Leilands favorite. He ate pretty well and then pooped. I was glad he did it at the restaurant and not In the car. He was pretty dirty so got a change of shirt and we kept on. Anna decided to sit in the back and help with him. I knew this would be the longest stretch of the drive. We drove, and drove. I listened to the hunger games audio book and was enjoying it, Anna listened to music, and Leiland was happy to play with some toys. As he got bored we moved on to him using the iPod. That lasted for a little while, then we moved to the iPod. Nothing was making him happy anymore. We stopped to fill up gas and wandered the gas station retreating to the car with each person having a sweet treat to top us off. Leiland enjoyed raisinets (holy cow what a mess), I had a caramelo, and Anna happy with sweetish fish. We drive on and Leiland continues with the whines, nothing holding him over for more that 5 minutes. At 4 hours from our destination I started calling for hotels. I can't listen to him scream that long. All the hotels either look like a dump or are over $100 for a night. So then I look up a McDonald's play place. Yes! Found one just 3 miles off the road, I'll take it. We get there and I order dinner while Anna and Leiland go off to play. Perfect. They come back a minute later and she tells me he won't do anything but watch. S we sit to eat and he isn't interested. No biggie. So I keep jumping up to go play with him. After a bit he breaks out of his "shy-stand back-watch everyone else-self" and begins playing. Anna takes him to the top slide, through the tubes, and we have a blast. The then figures out climbing the bottom tube and is able to reach the small slide. Rom then on it was nothing but climbing the tube and going down the pink slide. His own little circle or fun - on repeat. And I'm happy to see him getting energy out.

Soon I see him step back and realize he is pooping again. Again glad we aren't in the car. B now it's pouring outside and I have to get him diapers as well as a change of clothes. I figure he will sleep now so I dress him in clothes he can wear the next day. Go out, move the car closer, get what we need, and rush in. He gets a change and goes back to playing. Pretty happy. When we finally leave its pouring outside. We rush to the car; protecting baby and camera. My pants were soaked and I hate that. We get back on our way hoping to get there that night. The rain was so bad I seriously considered stopping for the night. Gave it a little longer and it finally cut back some. And the closer I got to Michigan it stopped completely. Thank you. I took time to call a friend and we talked for a good while and before you know it I was only 45 minutes out. So happy. About 10 minutes before we got there Leiland woke up a little freaked out. When we arrived at 12:30 the door wasn't unlocked and no one answered their phones. So we sat back in the car because it was mighty cold. We finally got ahold of Emma and she let us in. The dog went nuts and we just climbed on the couch for the night. Leiland wasn't interested in sleeping. First naming off things in the house. Dog. Anna. Light. Picture. They calling out shapes in the dark. Circle. Square. Cute but not helping auntie Laura and uncle Jim sleep any. Eventually he crashed and awake about 6 the next day.

The first day home we hung out at Laura's. she even took the day off. The boys got along mostly and miss Kayla was so fun. Laura and I took a quick trip to Carter's and then Leiland napped in James's room for a couple hours. We later went to dads because its where we're staying. He napped till 5:30 so he stayed up till 9:30. No biggie but he went to bed ok. Then today he was up at 5:30 and Whitney. However he did nap in a twin bed for 4 hours messing up our day plans.

***AS usual I start a post and never finish***

I've been a slacker

I have been a TERRIBLE slacker at my blogging lately. I did make a facebook group so that when Leiland does or says something I can write it down quickly. I can search for things in there, and they are date stamped. So I will put a few of those things in here, its just a matter of having the time.

A little over a month ago we drove to Georgia to see Tims family. We had a blast too. Leiland was so good with Tims cousins and happy to see all the family. Two weeks ago we met my Laura, Jim, James, Kayla, and Anna in Pittsburgh. It was just a weekend and we brought Anna home with us. So she has been here for two weeks and in a week I will head to Michigan with her to return her. The plan started because I am going to Michigan for her 13th birthday. I'm really excited too. I was just home in July when Kayla was born, and my family hasn't seen her since then.

Leiland has been talking a lot more lately, and starting to repeat us if we say "Leiland can you say_____?". He is also been a lot more physical. He can jump now, has been climbing more, trying to balance on everything, and just stepped his dare-devilness up a notch.

He will be 22 months in just 10 days. Its crazy. I can't believe he is almost 2 already. This past year has been flying by for me. I am amazed by him on a daily basis, and I am still astonished as how my love for him has grown. Its hard to imagine feeling this way for another child.

Lately we have started to go pee on the potty. There was even a day he got a tiny drop of poop in the potty. Leiland also washes his hands using a step stool in the bathroom when done. He brushes his own teeth, is beginning to help clean up toys, and is starting to understand feelings more. He loves playing puzzles, and throwing balls, jumping on the dogs, and reading books. His favorite book right now is Dinosaur Roar, and we have to read it EVERY NIGHT. Sometimes its the only book he will let me read. Favorite puzzles include this firetruck one, and this shape one. This little farm is another top favorite to play with.

Leiland still LOVES Elmo, but is really into Mickey, Minnie, and Little Einsteins. He doesn't watch Elmo, but likes to watch Mickey. We are starting to learn letters and trying to count, but he isn't too interested. He knows a few colors although when you ask him, everything is orange. But when we are out and about he will call out things that are Orange, Red, and Blue. Working on it.

And just a few random pictures because its been forever, soon I will find time to post more.

Still chews his toes

Aunt Nicole took this one in Cocran, GA
First snowman - he kept eating the peas for the eyes
Last visit to the DC Childrens National for his broken elbow
Happy Valentines Day - He picked up his own cards - puppies and kitties of course

We love bath tablets for fun bath colors

Thats it for now, Ill try to be better at posting.