Testing Negative

So, I heard about this after it was too late when we did our IUI cycle last January. But we are getting close to the HCG shot day and I wanted to know more about it. SO Tim and I are talking more about if we want to pay to do this or just wait it out.

The way I understand it is you take the hcg shot and test every day and watch the hcg leave your system (negative pregnancy test) and if your tests begin to get darker again, then you are pregnant.

But if you think about it, that is what a test a day for at least 14 days. a box of two tests can range from $8-14. That's a big investment just to pee on a stick.


Ok, so today I went in for an ultrasound after taking my FSH drugs for a few days now. But before I reveal the results a little back story.

My family tends to hit menapause early and when I had an u/s last year, it revealed that my one ovary was appearing about 10 years older then it should. I wasn't producing many eggs there either. We did an IUI in January 2009 and only produced one egg.

So I went in today, cd13 and to my surprise, I had 14 eggs on one side, and 8 on the other. I am SO overjoyed with the results so far.

The largest follicle was at 15mm and the second two were at 13mm. So he upped my meds a little to boost the size of the remaining eggs, and I go back on Wednesday. Then we should have a retrevial on Saturday. I am so excited about this and so anxious. I am praying it all works.

This is our first cycle through IVF so I am still unsure of how it all plays out, but I am so excited.

Progesterone Results

I had my blood drawn on 22 Sep 08 to see if I had ovulated. For the ovulation phase normal is 2.4-9.4 ng/ml and I had a 9.4 level. Thats a really good sign.

On my previous progesteron lever taken on 19 Dec 07, CD 17 which should have been just before ovulation (not noted that month) was a .2. That is even low for postmenapausal women.

Making the jump

I haven't been on this in a very log time because I just couldn't keep talking about not being pregnant. But we have decided to do a couple cycles of IVF, with hopes of not needing that second round.

I started my first shots on cd3 which was Friday. It all happened a little fast because of my period coming a week early.

I am really very exciting and SO nervous. I like statistics which is why we went with IVF. I did an IUI back in January wiht no luck. This dr told me an IUI was a 17% chance and IVF was a 50% chance. We chose the odds. We are also going to pay he extra to do the ICSI. Anyone know statistics with ICSI? What I have been reading is showing that its about 63% per egg.

Thanks for reading.