Ivf #4 starting

So ivf #4 is in the works. My period started today and Tuesday I see the RE. I'm so excited about it all. 

Leiland got his first call

On FaceTime. So cute to watch him and his friend talk. 

IVF Round 4 - coming soon

Im currently on CD 17 and next cycle is due June 18th. And they we begin our IVF #4 (2nd FET). I am SO excited but so nervous all at once. The last FET in October ended in a miscarriage over Thanksgiving. It was a super crazy time with Leiland breaking his arm (the day we found out I lost the baby), and we had just moved to Maryland. Now we are back in California (Thank you - close to my dr) and I am ready. I am more than ready.

It took me a REALLY long time to feel ready to have another baby. I can honestly say when we did the last FET I was more ready to be pregnant than to have another baby, but now I am SO ready for both. I constantly dream about what it will be like to be pregnant again. Give birth again. To hold and smell another new little one. And to nurse - oh how I can't wait to nurse another little guy. I miss that with Leiland. But I am ready. I can't wait to make Leiland a big brother. He loves kids, and babies. He will be great at it.

If all goes as planned - we will be due around March 17th. I think its good because it isn't too close to Leilands birthday. We originally were going to do the end of July for the transfer, but then I would be due RIGHT before Leilands birthday, and I just wanted a little spacing. It will be a couple months before he turns 3 and I think that is good. I would love if he could get potty trained before another baby comes along, but right now he just isn't ready.

SO March. CRAZY. I will be 29, so will Tim. I am starting to feel older. I wonder how a couple years older will affect being pregnant. I felt great with Leiland, but lets be honest, I still haven't lost any weight in a long time. I want to be more active this time around, and with Leiland I find it easier to do.

So yeah thats the start. Praying for a sticky bean and a healthy one. We want this so bad right now.