Pre Pregnancy Weight

Today is the day, just 16 days after having Leiland I am my pre pregnancy weight - 172 pounds. I have a long way to go, but I am happy to at least be back where I started at. On Sunday (11 days pp) I was wearing my pre pregnancy pants, and on Monday I wore my skinny jeans from before I got pregnant. My stomach is still jubbly and loose, but I am pretty happy.

2 weeks postpartum

I am finally feeling better for the most part. No more pain meds but still bleeding. I am able to get up and down now and don't hurt getting out of my chair anymore. I also went to Target to grocery shop with Leiland yesterday. Go me.

2 week postpartum belly

2 weeks old

Can you believe it?? 2 weeks of being a mom and finally having my angel in my arms.

He is still cute as could be and is definitely changing already. I love that little boy more than anything. I also love seeing Tim be a dad. It is so natural to him and just make my heart melt.

Leiland is still sleeping most the day away and when he is awake he seems to always be fighting to go back to sleep. He cries more now which doesn't make me happy and he isn't as easy to calm these days.

We started using our cloth diapers and he doesn't seem to scream as much anymore when we change diapers. I think the warm wash cloths seem to help. So far I really like the diapers and having had an explosion or leak since starting these. The best bottoms are great until he has a poop diaper that overflows onto the shell. I haven't tried wiping them out though. The FuzziBunz diapers are nice but I think I have them too small because they leave marks on his legs. I have used a few of the lil joeys we bought, but they won't last very long. They are just too small for my chunky monkey.

We decided to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific with my mom and Anna

Auntie Laura came to visit from Michigan

Went to Red Lobster for Auntie Lauras birthday - Mama's in my pre pregnancy SKINNY jeans!!!!!

In his best bottoms diaper


1 Week Old

I think it is crazy that Leiland is a week old. One week ago life changed for us in the best way possible.

Leiland was weighed on Friday the 13th and was 8 pounds 8 ounces and on Monday he was 8 pounds 9.5 ounces. His billiruben went up just a hair however they said that was the peak (5 days old). Its heading out so no worries there.

At 1 week old Leiland is just starting to be awake more. His "schedule" changes every couple days but we just roll with the flow and watch where he takes us. He has started to cluster feed more but is really getting the hang of nursing. Before he would freak out for a minute or two before latching on but now he just goes right on. As long as I am not too full he can go to town. If I am full I just have to hold my boob just right so he can get on. No biggie though. Today he has nursed just about every hour on the hour for about 5 feedings in a row. Now he is sleeping with his daddy.

I also pumped today to have some milk for bottles while we are out tomorrow. I did pretty good and got 9 ounces in just about 15 minutes. Leiland takes the bottle so great which is exactly what I wanted for him. Tim can feed him and have that extra cuddle/ care time. Its also nice to know he can have a bottle in public until I am comfortable nursing in public. I don't think it will be too long before I get the hang of that though.

Last night his umbilical cord stump came off, his tar poop is long gone, and he sleeps great. At night he will feed, sleep a few hours, feed again, then usually sleeps a good 5 hours before waking up again. He is so great to his mama letting me sleep at night.

Leiland at 1 weeks old is just adorable. He makes the cutest faces and always keeps his hands up close to his face. His big cheeks just BEG to be kissed 100 times a day and he will hold onto my finger the whole time we nurse. When he falls asleep after burping he just sleeps on my chest but always has a hand on my chest. I love holding my boy. I hate to put him down and don't care if I am spoiling him. At night he sleeps in our bed and its everything I have wanted. I love feeling him breath and just watching him. He is so great and I love him so much.

As for me, I am still in pain, but starting to feel better. I am still taking the prescribed vicodin and motrin. I am also still taking a stool softener to help me go potty. I saw the CNM at the OB office on Monday because the pain was still so bad. I started bleeding more and the meds weren't helping my pain at all. She said I still have a lot of bruising there but my stitches from the episotomy are disolving and that it is healing. My boobs get full but don't really hurt too bad. My nipples just started hurting when Leiland nurses but I think its because when he gets sleepy he slides down and loses his good latch. So I have started taking him off when this happens but they are still a little sore when he first gets on. I still have some good bruises on my arms from the IV and blood draws but I mostly feel great. It was wasn't still hurting in my crotch I would be one very happy girl. However, because I am still having pain it just means I sit in my nursing chair a lot and snuggle with my boy. I am soaking up these early days with Leiland knowing they will pass so quickly and also be slightly foggy down the road. My belly seems to be going down as well. Every couple days I notice it looks smaller and today I weighed myself and was 184 pounds. Thats only 12 pounds over my starting weight. I know my belly is jiggly but I actually love it. I love playing with the skin and seeing my stretch marks. I thought I would miss being pregnant but I really don't. I loved it but I love having Leiland in my arms SO much more. Emotionally I am doing fine as well. I had a couple days I was sensitive but nothing too crazy. I haven't had any signs of depression which is great since it was a worry for me. My bleeding seems to have slowed down. Its nothing crazy but it hasn't stopped or anything yet either. Because I am nursing I am hoping it will be awhile before I get another period after the bleeding does subside.

1 week old pictures

Posting pictures in a separate thread because this is easier then editing the other post.

1 week post baby belly

Here is my belly after one week, Im so excited to feel better and start walking with the boy.

My favorite site

I love holding my little boy and looking down at his sweet little face.

My milk came in

I began pumping yesterday like the lactation consultant suggested and was getting 2-4 ounces after each feeding. I just started refrigerating it until the next feeding. I am so shocked how orange/ bright yellow this milk is. I assumed by the amount it had to be my milk, but I just pumped again and this time I got my first white milk. I only got 3 ounces but was happy to see that at 3 days post birth I have my real milk. I still have almost 5 ounces of the collostrum in the fridge so I think Tim will give him a bottle tomorrow sometime. Otherwise I will keep pumping and start freezing.

Leiland seems to do pretty good with nursing and even takes the bottle of my milk just fine.


Leiland Mitchell Seibert

Born May 11, 2011 at 2:40pm weighing 9 pounds 3 ounces, 20 inches long, and 14 1/4 inch head circumference.

This picture is Daddy kissing him after giving him his first bath

Labor times for Leiland

630 got IV
645 pitocin started
700 5cm, bulging bag.
830 water everywhere.
1000 nausea
1003 taken off Pitocin.
1005 8cm. Pressure.
1015 nubane.
1025 9cm baby really low. More pressure.
1055 still 8-9 cm. Nubane is wearing off.
1100 anethesiologist showed up.
1115 epidural given.
1125 feeling better. Happy Ofy.
1150 10cm and catheter
1310 10cm and 0 to +1station.
1330 more juice.
1340 slightly nauseas again.
1400 more juice.
1405 shaky, still nauseas
1410 trial push, then headed to delivery room.
1420 Started  pushing
1440 born 9 lbs 3 oz 20" long



So I called L&D and the woman didn't make it sound like I should come in. She told me not till the contractions were 3 minutes apart, and I couldn't walk or talk through them. She also said if I showed up still 4cm they would walk me for an hour and check again. If I was still only 4cm they would send me home.

I decided not to go because it was a long drive and really late to just turn around and come home. I've already proven the contractions I have don't dilate me much.

So my bath didn't stop the contractions and so I put icy hot on my back for a little relief and tried to sleep. I finally fell asleep and woke up with much lighter contractions.

I told dh no dtd today because Im not going through that again, we will just wait and have him tomorrow.


I am going to go wake up dh and see if he wants to go in. I've had strong contractions for about 2 1/2 hours, I suck at timing them though. They aren't far apart however and are all in my back. I took a hot bath and they didn't go away this time. Im going to call the L&D and see what they think, but we may be going in.