9 day update

I keep wanting to make updates and keep losing track of my days. So a random 9 day update. 

Elissa is doing great. She's a pretty happy girl 95% of the day. Currently she is nursing every 1.5-2 hours. Cluster feeds in the evening then sleeps pretty good waking 1-2 times a night. She doesn't cry much. Hates a really poopy diaper but small poops and pee she doesn't care about. She will tell you when she's hungry. She will ask to nurse just to go to sleep but I'm ok with that. He is kind of hard to burp and it can take quite awhile. If she doesn't burp she will wake mad needing to burp. She rarely spits up at this point and when she doesn't it's not much. Nothing like Leiland. 

Little miss has had a few poopsplosion diapers. I think she needs bigger than the newborn Huggies. She fills them a bit too quickly. She's wearing newborn clothes just fine with several being kinda baggy. I can't wait to see how big she is tomorrow. 

Born at 8 pounds 8 oz
Left hospital at 8 pounds 6 oz
2 days old 8 pounds 2 oz 

We go in the morning to check her weight. 

Breastfeeding is going pretty well. I'm engorged and leaking but not as bad as I was. She sometimes latches too shallow and it hurts. I can't get her top lip to flange. I asked several at the hospital and I'll mention again tomorrow but I think her lip tie may need to have it fixed. They said it was flexible but I'm not sure since she can't get her lip right. 

The boys are adjusting great. Owen wants to hold her all the time. He loves petting her, holding her, kissing her, and sitting beside me when we nurse. Leiland loves holding her too. If he walks past her he will touch her as he goes past. Loves just checking in on her. They really are great big brothers. 

Oh and she lost the umbilical cord stump at a week. It was dangling by a string the last few days and finally came off in her jammies. 

That's all I can think of at the moment.