child birth

So I am not sure why but I have always looked forward to giving birth to my child. I never thought about an epidural or any other drugs because I believed I could do it on my own.

The closer we get to actually getting pregnant the more I truly want this. I want Tim involved and aware of how to help with the process too.

I have always thought I would stay at home for as long as I could so I am not stuck in a bed. I want to be comfortable and able to move about.

Now that we have the military insurance I am not sure how it will go. I can only hope they will honor my birth plan. I want a drug free, natural child birth. I want my baby put straight to the breast not the scale.I just think it will make the expeience so meaningful (on top of what it already is). I would love Tim to catch the baby and hand it to me but I don't think he would ever go for that.

Anyway that's just what's on my head today.


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