Ok, so today I went in for an ultrasound after taking my FSH drugs for a few days now. But before I reveal the results a little back story.

My family tends to hit menapause early and when I had an u/s last year, it revealed that my one ovary was appearing about 10 years older then it should. I wasn't producing many eggs there either. We did an IUI in January 2009 and only produced one egg.

So I went in today, cd13 and to my surprise, I had 14 eggs on one side, and 8 on the other. I am SO overjoyed with the results so far.

The largest follicle was at 15mm and the second two were at 13mm. So he upped my meds a little to boost the size of the remaining eggs, and I go back on Wednesday. Then we should have a retrevial on Saturday. I am so excited about this and so anxious. I am praying it all works.

This is our first cycle through IVF so I am still unsure of how it all plays out, but I am so excited.


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