Ultrasound update

Ok, so the arm is still short, no forearm and she has two digits in a claw like shape. Workable

My amniotic sac has separated from the uterus, they said it can reattach but if it doesn't it can cause issues with possibly suffocating the umbilical cord. Also, my fluid is pretty low for this stage in pregnancy, and the sac is surrounding the baby more then the fluid is.

The heart, well it is on the right side of the chest and thats all they can see at this point. The reason, the diaphragm never closed completely an the intestines have moved up. There are also issues with the intestines, but I don't remember all of what he said. Now this is the biggest issue. It is causing the lungs to go to the right side. And there is a chance the lungs won't grow there, and if they don't start developing soon, the baby can't live. There is no fix if the lungs don't develop. There is also a variation in the spine it isn't straight, but almost hunched. They aren't sure if this is because of the intestines being forced up into the chest cavity.

And there is something wrong with the kidneys. One is large and they don't know if its because it isn't draining, or if its backing up into the bladder. The left kidney is small and they don't know if it will even function.

I am sure there is something I am missing, but thats about it.

I haven' cried this hard in so long. I am struggling really hard with what to do. They want me back in a MONTH. I think that is insane. Wait till I start feeling her kick just to wait and see. I just can't believe how much is going wrong. And my poor husband. I am here with family, he is deployed completely alone. He even works his 12 hour shift alone.

I am glad my mom could go with me, not for suport, but so she finally realizes how bad it is. I wasn't expecting this. I couldn't have imagined this many problems with my little girl. And no answers as to why. So at this point, I can't really think too much about it, I think I got out my crying today but I have a terrible headache and just pounding. I am calling the OB tomorrow to get in ASAP for some answers. We will see if I can get in.

So anyway, thats where we stand. The reality is if her lungs don't grow, she has no chance at living, you can't overcome that. And if they do, she faces a long road of surgeries, hoping everything is operable.

At this point, I am struggling with the best thing to do for her. I am not sure what to do. My mom stings are being pulled but so are my faith ties. I can in no way handle carrying a baby to term just to watch her pass. Its not fair to me or her. So I am basically a mess here for now.

I just wanted to update you.


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