Grey's Anatomy

This week I have decided to watch the seasons of Grey's Anatomy.I haven't ever seen it before and I am definitely loving it so far. I am currently in the third season. Although I feel like a complete dop laughing so hard alone, I don't mind being alone when I cry. Its about all I did yesterday. I can't stop thinking about Ruth.

Yesterday there was an episode that hit me. A woman on there was pregnant with quint girls from IVF. 4 had complications and one in particular was watched. She had the same heart problem that Ruth was diagnosed with. That one really got to me. Then today, another episode and the baby had a diaphragmatic hernia. Again I cried for Ruth and I think of what would have been. I know its just a tv show, but it gives me a little bit of peace. I am at peace with Ruth passing, even though I miss her terribly. Then today, a baby was still born, and the dr had the perfect line. She said "Good things should happen to good people." She was devastated over telling her patient their baby had died, because they were so happy to be having a family.

So Grey's, I have fallen for you. And you give me some subtle comfort.


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