Might be starting IVF

We have talked about when to proceed with the next round of IVF for awhile now. The hardest thing about deciding is because Tim's job is changing so often and up in the air till the last moment. Our original plan was to begin when my period started in September, so it would have been the end of the month. We talked it over and decided to try for early September because it just fit better. No problem there the Dr was just going to have me on BCP's to alter my cycle. Then Tim learned MORE about work. He may be gone and won't be able to be here for a September cycle. We also have plans in mid to end August to be in Georgia visiting family.

And without out me explaining all the complexities of his job, it comes down to the idea that we might be starting IVF this month, end of July. I am SO excited about it too. If all goes as I hope and my period starts soon (it should have arrived today), we should be on our way to being pregnant!!!!

I can't help but think about it, and I feel so positive just realizing how close it is.


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