Oh crap, what have I done?

I have been cleaning the house today preparing to leave for a vacation. I cleaned the bathroom, then did some stuff downstairs. I went back up to vacuum the upstairs so I could bring down the vacuum and do the downstairs. While I was vacuuming I noticed a stain at the food of the bed. No biggie, but was surprised because I hadn't seen it before. The windows were open, so I think that is why I could see it. Anyway, I put some hot water on it, then I sprayed the carpet cleaner and let it sit. I did more cleaning downstairs, and about an hour later went to steam clean it up. But its now a big red/ white spot. HOLY crap!!! I then realized that my carpet cleaner and my bathroom cleaner are both in a freaking yellow spray bottle similar in size. What the crap am I going to do now? Ugh pregnancy brain is kicking my butt these days.

So now I have bleached carpet, in a rental, in the 3rd largest room in the house. I can't believe I did that. I never have the bathroom cleaner out, and I never thought because the carpet cleaner is always out. And it was, it was in the hallway, not the bathroom. Ugh.

Anyone know if you can recolor carpet??? I am willing to try anything, I have already ruined it.


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