Puppy Update

It seems like we always have something new to deal with when it comes to the animals. Ebony has seizures, both dogs are overweight, Gepetto has been hurt outside on a couple occasions, one or the other dog gets a limp, is puking, or just acting funny - it never ends.

We took Rory into the vet in October before going to MI because her one eye wouldn't open up all the way. Since i had to pay the fee to see the vet, I decided to ask a few questions. Rory stopped jumping on our bed, which is no biggie but its not like her. She would try but fail every time then she just stopped trying. On top of that she was sleeping ALL DAY LONG. She wouldn't come downstairs till 8-9am everyday and just went right back to sleeping.

So the vet did an x-ray and said she had arthritis in her back, so we started her on some meds. They seemed to help a little, but she still wouldn't jump on the bed and sometimes struggled to go up the stairs. In May we decided to take her back and take Ebony who was limping.

They did bloodwork and it turns out Rory's thyroid was really low, so we began a medication once daily to help her. Within a couple days it was a new dog. She was running all over, jumping on the bed, and just had her Rory spunk back. I took her in yesterday to get more blood drawn to see how it was doing. I also had her weighed to see how she was doing. In October she was 29 pounds, in May she was 27, and yesterday she was down to 24. I thought she looked thinner but I am SO happy to see she has lost some of her chub.

Her results came back today and her thyroid was a little high, but the vet wants to keep her on the prescription for now. Im SO happy she is doing better.


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