Sleep Training

Ok, so we have been having nap issues for about 3 months now. I know way longer then we need to. Anyway, I started reading the no cry sleep solution, but didn't get a whole lot of spare time. I think I got the gist of it, so we are trying to make some pregress. He was a little out of sorts at night for the past month or so, but it seems to be getting back on track, so we will start trying and hope we make progress before our next vacation in a few weeks.

Today he woke at 6:30, ate, and we got up for the day at 7. We laid in my bed to play with the pups a little and that made him happy. He started getting cranky at 8:15 but I got him to hold out till 9. We sand some songs downstairs till he was relaxed, then went to his room and sang some to the radio till he fell asleep. I placed him in the crib within a minute of him closing his eyes. I turned the radio down but kept it playing along with the noise machine. After 35 minutes of sleeping he started stirring, this is typical. So I quickly went upstairs to get him before he fully woke up. I walked/ rocked him for maybe 4 minutes and he was back to sleep. Its now been 2 hours since he went down and he is starting to toss (has been for 15 minutes) but he hasn't woke up yet. We will try this again later today at the next nap. I really hope getting to him before he fully wakes will help him learn to sleep longer stretches.


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