Solids update

Im surprised how much better Leiland is doing with solids. Before our vacation he still didn't open his mouth much and was too busy looking around. So while on vacation I didn't bother. Well the last few days Leiland has been wanting to nurse every two hours and is waking at night about 3 times. So today we worked on a sippy cup. One has a straw with water and then the other with no stopper had milk. He still doesn't suck but wanted what was in both. I gave 2oz of milk in the cup and he drank about an ounce. I used the rest to make oatmeal. He ate every bite and I couldn't feed it fast enough for him. It was pretty thick and he just loves it. I am surprised how much better he is doing. Tonight we start peas. I made a batch of peas last night and green beans today. He loved carrots lets hope green veggies are just as big of a hit.


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