Lots happened

Twice in the pregnancy i noticed spotting. Finally went in just after 7 weeks and the ob said i was measuring right on. On Nov 19th i spotted again. Called the ob and she got me in. Checked my cervix and it was closed but she too could see blood. She sent me right over for an ultrasound. The u/s tech took forever and wouldn't even let me see the screen. I went back to the ob and waited on results. At this point i figure I've lost the baby. She finally hears back and tells me there is no heartbeat. There is a sac but no fetus. It also stopped growing about 6 weeks and 6 days.

So by now its 4 and i go home. I fill my heart with loves from Leiland and get my much needed hugs from tim. We eat and hang out on the couch for a bit.

Leiland does this new happy feet dance. And we have this leather thing that sits in the ottoman that tim eats on. Leiland's new thing is happy feet on that. This day he also had fun having his balls there too. At one point he went to get a ball that fell (as he had several times that night) and he walked off the Ottoman landing flat on his side on the floor. Tim grabs him after he starts to cry and hand hum to me. I saw how he landed and noted him not using his left arm. I tried calming him with distraction, walking around the house, food, songs, and a TV show.

Nothing calmed his cries but I couldn't see or feel anything wrong. I finally pulled his shirt off and noticed his swollen upper arm  i called tim over saying i thought he broke it. We both agreed the er was next. Tim licked the dogs and i got Leiland dressed. I just put a zip sweater knowing it was easy for x rays and brought a shirt for later. The car ride was terrible. He was in pain and just cried. I tucked his shirt under his arm to stabilize it and sang songs while i held a hand and rubbed his cheek. as we got closer he started dazing in and out. We arrived and i could keep him calm if i cradled him and held his arm just right so it wouldn't move. They took us back and gave him motrin and took his weight.

Back in the waiting room we waited maybe 10 minutes and were taken back. He was looked at then had an oral pain med. This helped quickly. He went for xrays and did great. Then while waiting to see those he fell asleep. They put a splint on without waking him. He indeed broke his elbow. We arrived before 6 and waited forever. They ended up taking me and Leiland by ambulance to children's national in Washington DC. We didn't leave toll 11 or 12 that night. Leiland was happy though and wandering the halls. Didn't use his arm but playing happily.

Tim went home to take care of dogs and give our friend a key. Then he met us at the DC hospital. Poor Leiland was exhausted. They admitted us, took more xrays as the medication wore off, gave him an iv, and kept coming in the room. The next morning at 5 we went up to prepare him for surgery. Surgery was at 6am Tuesday Nov 20. We then waited and went in before he woke. He was groggy but did ok. We watched Mickey and he drank apple juice. Then we went up to his room. I slept with him on my chest till the nurse woke me. We were encouraged to get him up and moving but he was so exhausted.

We did wake him and try to get food in him so we could go home. Stopped to fill prescription on the way home. He had Tylenol 3 and took that every few hours and motrin at night. 2 night later and he didn't need it anymore. He was doing great. The next morning at he he pointed to it twice saying off? I explained we couldn't and he didn't complain again.

Nov 30 we went in for xrays to check progress. He was doing great. Dec 14th he had the cast and pins removed. Now a week later he uses it a lot, straightens it, and you cant even tell. Amazing.


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