Sleep issues

So first we moved and sleep was disturbed.
I worked with Leiland and got him sleeping again.
Then he broke his arm and sleep was disturbed again.
Once the cast was off we got close to back to normal.
Then we went to Georgia for 10 days and sleep got all out of whack again.

Last night I was determined to get back to normal. Leiland only wanted downstairs or to rock to sleep. As much as I love rocking him to sleep, he sleeps better when he puts himself to bed. He was tired last night so we did our usual routine. Dinner, bath, teeth, Jammie's, books, songs, then bed. He cried instantly. I left him for a few minutes and he just cried. I went in and rocked him a little then put him back to bed, big cries again. I rocked him once more till close to sleep and he freaked as soon as I laid him down again. I tried rubbing his back and he fraught me so I stepped out again. He finally calmed and went to sleep. But he woke up around 4 I think and I rocked him. we slept in the chair with him tossing off and on never filling getting into a deep sleep till 730.

Today we were gone till nap and he had fallen asleep in the car and woke when I tried to transfer him. He then was cranky on such little sleep. Early bedtime didn't happen so he went right to bed. Tonight however he laid right down and went to sleep. I'm praying this means we are going back to sleeping better again.


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