So proud

Tonight I am so proud of Owen. We have been working lately on him going to bed on his own and he does really great with it most times. Its been really hard to be super consistent because he shares with Leiland and I can't let him lay in there and fuss if Leiland is sleeping already. But every chance I get I put him in awake. He usually gets all happy to see all the animals in the bedding then fusses for a few minutes before I go in and just reassure him he is ok, then he will toss around fussing a bit and usually fall asleep. He never really cries unless he is WAY overtired but talks in a disgruntled tone.

Tonight (after a long day at the air show) he took a bath with Leiland then played with Anna a bit. I got Leiland dressed and he slept in my bed because Anna is staying over and is in his bed. SO then I notice Owen is indeed tired - no surprise - so I take him from the living room where he is playing and laughing with Anna, lay him in bed, and within 5-6 minutes he has rolled over and fallen asleep. No fussing at all.

Most likely he was just super tired - but either way I will take it - he went to bed all on his own. Last night he also slept through the night. Went to bed great then slept all night - crazy.

He's getting too big on me. Love him though. Leiland was much older when he started going to bed on his own - Owens only 5 months but he is a finger sucker - so that seems to really help. YAY Owen.


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