What a surprise

I'm in complete shock over here. Since Tuesday I've been cramping but off and on. So yesterday when my period still hadn't started I took a test. I only had digi tests that were free to me. I didn't not expect it to read pregnant.

Complete shock. 

Seriously I haven't gotten pregnant on my own since 2004. SHOCKED!!!! 

Tim was still sleeping so I woke him to show him. I asked if he could read that. His response was no but I'm guessing it says your pregnant. Yes sir indeed I am. I am pregnant. I had to wake him because I couldn't contain my excitement and had to tell my mom and sister. 

Today however I took a first response test. I'm a line girl. I need to see how dark the lines are and how quickly they appear. They were instant. As soon as the pee reached where the line was bam there was a line. 

Above right away.
Below after a few minutes 

We've told a lot of family so far and several friends. I have a really good feeling about this all. 

We haven't told the kids. Owen wouldn't understand but Leiland would. He's still convinced I need to "get working on making him a sister." Im trying little man I really am. I want to see an ob and maybe get an ultrasound to show the heartbeat before I give him the news. I'd love to record us telling him because I want to see his reaction over and over. 

So what changed? Seriously. I've had horrendous periods for months. The past few they've gotten much better. Just after thanksgiving I began working out and tracking everything I eat. I've lost some weight and overall think I'm healthier. I think this is why I got pregnant. I had hopes of this but did t expect it to happen so quickly. I punched in my ovulation date from using my Ovacue monitor (December 31, 2015) and it puts me due September 22, 2016. 

I still am in shock. Yesterday I could not stop smiling and hugging these beautiful boys. 

Praying for a baby that sticks. Healthy

Since its a holiday weekend I just need to wait till Tuesday (tomorrow) to call and try to get in asap for bloodwork.

I must say seeing the results of the Chinese gender prediction makes me smile a little. We shall see what comes of it. 


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