Owen 2 year update

First off holy cow how has it been 2 year with this amazing little boy? He is so loved, so happy, a conplete joy to be around. Seriously this kid can make us laugh. 

Now for stats:
Size: 18 and 24m tops, 12m shorts and 18m pants (12m too short and 18m huge in the waist) - 24m pajamas - 6 shoe
Teeth: all but 2 year molars but working on them
Signs: milk, water, all done, again, please, thank you, snoopy (floppy ears), dinosaur, sorry, cat, dog, bear, gorilla, bird, chicken, yogurt with sprinkles
Words: (will use) mom, hi, yeah, ouch, (won't use but has said and used in the past) dad, dog, fish, yes, 
Sounds: elephant, gorilla, monkey, pig, alligator, bear, lion, tiger, cat, dog, Dino, spot (from the good dinosaur), Leiland (aghhh), train, airplane, 
Foods: loves chicken, steak, potatoes, pretzels, veggie straws, popcorn, cheese, yogurt, grilled cheese, quasidilla, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, butter, sour cream, ranch, won't eat veggies, fruits (occasionally will have a few grapes or some banana). 

So Owen is incredible active. He both loves interaction but is also good to go off and play for two hours by himself. He lives destroying the playroom by dumping anything he can. He is getting so good putting puzzles together and can do the 5 shape sorter toy great. He is really strong and great on the monkey bars. He runs everytime he needs to get somewhere. He would live outside if you let him lol. He really likes drawing lately and showing what he drew. He can blow bubbles most times and lives chasing them to pop them if he can be faster than Dexter. He's starting to play with Leiland more and when they are both in good moods it goes great. Owen follows Leiland all around though. 

He has started watching tv more he past couple months. He really likes paw patrol both on TV and the toys and books. He likes to watch blaze and the mo ster machines and gets so mad when Leiland puts on shimmer and shine. He also likes mickey but it's rarely his first choice. He's been watching on the iPad more and it is very helpful on long drives. He likes movies too. He could watch the good dinosaur on repeat and not complain. He loves arlo. He still likes the peanuts movie as well. 

Although owen doesn't talk many times he gets across what he's thinking. He's very expressive and had pick up some hand motions that help. Lots of glinting, grunting, aghhh, and ughhh. He gets so frustrated when he can't tell you what he means it right don't understand. Full blown fits if I don't understand or he can't have his way. Lots of fits have to do with him wanting junk food and me saying no or him wanting an open cup and I give him a sippy cup. I know what he wants its just not happening. Sadly I do give in sometimes because I'm just not wanting a major meltdown. 

He does get time outs at times for being purposely mean, throwing food, biting, and those sort of things. Acts that he knows better. Although he doesn't talk he definitely understands us. It's rare when he doesn't. 

Owen is very cuddle. So many snuggled from him. He hands out kisses like candy. Usually I get one on each cheek. He also makes his toys kiss me and kiss each other. Mickey and Minnie kiss a lot as do Charlie Brown and snoopy. He is so clingy to daddy these days. Even when not feeling well it's either all dad or back and forth between us. I absolutely love it. He does have conplete meltdowns when Tim goes to work though and that's not awesome. 

So I think that's all for now. I'll try to add pics from the computer later. Maybe a video or two. Tomorrow my little man Id 2. Just crazy. 


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