22 week update

Had an OB appt today. I'm 22 weeks. Babys hb was in the 150s, my uterus came to an inch or so above my belly button, and my weight was less than I expected. I'm 176 - still under what I started with Owens pregnancy and wore my pre pregnancy jeans to the office today. My shirts are tight and short so I'm wearing maternity tops most days but I don't have many so I use them when I'm going out. Or wear one for 3 days straight lol. 

I've been feeling more kicks and movement. I'm starting to feel the squirms and rolls more than just kicks. She's the size of a coconut which I love. 

Dr said its ok for me to use the riding lawn mower just no hills. He also said not to use a push mower. Next appt we do my 1 hour glucose test (mid June) and otherwise all is good. 


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