Leiland's 5!!!

How can this possibly be? My little tiny baby that took me forever to finally have is 5 years old. I can't wrap my mind around that. So many things to happen this year but the biggest being the start of the school year. He starts kindergarten this year. Next week is his last week before summer break and I plan to make it a great one.

So Leiland is now wearing 5T or XS boys tops, 3-4T shorts, and 5T pants (need the length). He's about 41" and 34-35 pounds.

Leiland is a little human with HUGE personality. He is polite, funny, sassy, sensitive, and full of attitude. He will talk EVERYONES ear off and not stop. His imagination is in full force these days and he loves to make things up. Leiland has a huge love for books and stories. He likes when you make up stories and he picks the elements in them. Im terrible at this however Tim is fantastic at telling stories.

If you ask Leiland what he wants to be when he grows up he usually just says "a dad" but sometimes he will tell you he wants to be a firefighter. One day he said he wants to be a pink fireman (as in pink uniform). He talks a lot about being a dad and when he grows up. He even talks about when he's older he wants so marry me - melt my heart.

Favorite color: PINK!!!!
Favorite show: Paw Patrol (likes many others)
Favorite food:
Favorite activity: Arts and crafts
Favorite Song: Blue Balloon
Favorite Place: Chuck E Cheese

This week Leiland and Owen moved into the same room. They now share bunk beds. Leiland loves it and showed no fear sleeping on the top bunk. He got to pick out his bedding and chose to get the doggie zippy sack. I got it on clearance at bed bath and beyond and even got to use my coupon (YAY). [find it here]

At nighttime we still struggle with nightmares at times. Not very frequently but enough. Leiland also is still waking super cranky and tired as though he hasn't had nearly enough sleep. Its becoming exhausting for everyone. We can go weeks and months before having a break and having some good days. We saw the dr and she said his sleep habits seemed normal for his age. I still disagree. We also discussed his bedwetting which I am not worried about. She too said its very normal at this age and to not stress over it. We did have to move out of pull ups and over to goodnights. He still leaks but not quite as much.

Not sure what else to say so here are some pics.

These Eyebrows are such a part of who Leiland is

Loves to play cards

Cut his own hair (4/18)

Kindergarten roundup bus ride

I LOVE when he brings home cool projects from school

Leiland dressed himself again. Red shirt. Red pants. Red underwear. And now red socks. He's one of a kind lol.

This kid LOVES board games too


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