33 week update

Wow can you say slacker? Yeah that would be accurate. Im so behind on everything that is life lol.

Anyway tomorrow marks 33 weeks for us. Holy cow how is that even possible? I am definitely feeling lots of movements now. I have no clue what kind of position she is in, but I can feel her bulging on my right side and thats where I feel most the movement. She previously was facing my back and so I wasn't feeling too much movement but now I think she rotated allowing me to feel her. I can usually stop for a minute and feel her move at any point in the day from the moment I wake in the morning. I absolutely love it and I know I will miss it terribly once she's out of there.

I do feel big but not massive. I think Im right on track with how I was with the boys. I also think Im carrying about the same too. I haven't been good about taking pictures again this pregnancy. No surprise. Partly because my computer needs a serious clean up so I can actually put more pics on the computer and edit them. Like I said all aspects of life Im behind on.

Currently seeing the OB now every other week. I go in a couple days. My weight is around 187-190 depending what time of day. BP and her heartbeat have been great at every appointment. Im still getting dehydrated which causes me to get lightheaded, nauseous, and have to sit down. It seems to happen even more often lately. Its pretty hot out most days and the humidity definitely kicks my butt lol. The poor boys get stuck inside more than I would prefer but its just so hot out. And when I am in the heat I take forever to recover from it. Today we were back inside by 9:45 and I swear it took me almost 2 hours of sitting with fans on and drinking ice water to get back to feeling ok when I stood.

I think we are all getting really excited about little miss joining us here in the short distance. Leiland talks about it so much. He often asks to feel her kicking, but if he's watching tv or talking he's too distracted to actually notice when she kicks. I always ask if he felt it and many times he was saying no, and now he will say he felt it when she didn't kick. Then he runs off. Makes me a little sad because I don't think he's really feeling her hardly ever. Owen could care less. Many times if my shirt is up he either comes to lay on my tummy, play with my belly button, or pulls my shirt down for me lol. He's a character.

So a quick overview:
 - Hard time eating a full meal
 - heartburn most nights no matter what I eat
 - Constipation has started again
 - Peeing every 30 minutes on average during the day
 - Sleeping on my stomach still
 - Sleeping all night still unless Owen or Leiland wake me
 - Food is still very unappealing to me
 - No major cravings
 - Get winded easier but still able to keep up for the most part
 - Kicks all day long (LOVING this)
 - Felt 3-4 braxton hicks contractions so far
 - Slight back pain but not horrible most days
 - Nesting in full force


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