36 weeks

It's getting real. Due in a month and it is mind blowing to me. Before long we will be a family of 5. Not a whole lot happening over here. She's content where she is. 

 - constipation
 - heartburn (needing tums at night)
 - swollen ankles
 - waddling
 - peeling often. But not waking up to pee 

Have an appointment next week. I think at hat point it switches to every week. Baby looks good and showing no signs of labor which is good. The OB will check me next week when they do the group b strep test. I don't expect anything. 

Tim gets home this week. Can't wait. I'll be so happy to have help and snuggles again. Not looking forward to having to cook meals again lol. 

So yeah not much happening or to report. 


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