2 weeks old

Can you believe it?? 2 weeks of being a mom and finally having my angel in my arms.

He is still cute as could be and is definitely changing already. I love that little boy more than anything. I also love seeing Tim be a dad. It is so natural to him and just make my heart melt.

Leiland is still sleeping most the day away and when he is awake he seems to always be fighting to go back to sleep. He cries more now which doesn't make me happy and he isn't as easy to calm these days.

We started using our cloth diapers and he doesn't seem to scream as much anymore when we change diapers. I think the warm wash cloths seem to help. So far I really like the diapers and having had an explosion or leak since starting these. The best bottoms are great until he has a poop diaper that overflows onto the shell. I haven't tried wiping them out though. The FuzziBunz diapers are nice but I think I have them too small because they leave marks on his legs. I have used a few of the lil joeys we bought, but they won't last very long. They are just too small for my chunky monkey.

We decided to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific with my mom and Anna

Auntie Laura came to visit from Michigan

Went to Red Lobster for Auntie Lauras birthday - Mama's in my pre pregnancy SKINNY jeans!!!!!

In his best bottoms diaper



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