3 Month Update

So 3 months and it already feels like he's turning into a little boy. Leiland is 15 pounds and 23 3/4 inches long. He is in size 3 diapers and just starting to wear 6-9 month clothes. He still refuses the bottle and pacifier and after 3 months of trying I think I'm done. It sucks but I can't force him. He is still taking meds for reflux and the previcid her was prescribed last month is working better than the zantac was but he may need an increased dose because he's been puking more.

He is starting to be easier to read and know what he wants which really helps keep him from being to fussy. His current schedule all day is sleep 38-45 minutes, awake for an hour, and repeat. Bedtime is typically between 6-830 at night and he is usually up at 6am with on feeding in there. He is in his crib at night on his belly with a noise machine playing ocean waves. Sometimes between 2-4 am he gets restless so I will bring him to my bed but it doesn't help a ton.

Let's see- he still loves his monkey mobile, now loves his jumperoo, likes the swing more, loves the exercise ball, the stroller, and stuffed toys. Any time you give him a blanket or stuffed toy he brings it to his mouth. He's also getting good with those hands and loves baths so much these days.

Some new things he does these days is put toys in his mouth, pet the dogs, small giggles, kicks like crazy, and fights sleep OH SO BAD.


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