Sippy time?

Today I put Leiland in his High Chair to play while I did the dishes and I knew he needed to poop (he always poops when sitting in one of his chairs). I had some milk in a bottle in the fridge that needed to be tossed soon, so i decided to see how he reacted to a sippy cup. He still doesn't like the bottle so I assume a sippy will be a problem with the time comes. I have several kinds and first tried this Nuk one

We tried this one first with water just to see how he did, and he didn't bother trying to suck on it, but like I've stated he doesn't like to even suck on his bottle. I tried it just to see how bad it was, and holy smokes it was tough for me.

Next we tried this one that is a hard plastic spout but it have a rubber valve that I could remove. Ill have to take a pictures because I can't find it online. Anyway, I was tilting it for him so it would dribble into his mouth and he loved it. He swallowed most of it with a few times just ending in dribbled down his chin. He even put his hands on it to help me tilt it back for him. He drank/ drooled 2 ounces of expressed breastmilk. By the end he was tired and just done with it, so we stopped and got ready for bed, but I was so happy to see how well he took it even when he was tired and hungry. I'm going to try and do this either every day or every other to get him used to it. He didn't seem to mind the texture of the hard plastic as he did with the silicone style nipple. He also liked chewing on it, because right now he chews on everything.

I realize he is too little to use a sippy yet, however if its possible to fill his belly in a way other than being attached to me, its good to have in case I do need to be gone.


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