4 month shots

Are really bothering Leiland. He did ok getting the shots but struggled to go to bed last night, then he woke many times. I think he woke something like 6 times last night. Poor thing was just miserable. I gave him Tylenol before his shots, before bed, at 4:30 this morning, then again at 9:30 this morning. He hasn't felt warm since then and seemed like he was starting to feel better, but then he puked all over my kitchen floor. He fell asleep nursing and I took him off the boob to burp and he started screaming at me. He has done that a few times today. So then he was awake so I gave the reflux meds and we rocked some. He was still cranky so I figure some more Tylenol wouldn't hurt. I gave the first 1/2 and he did ok, but the second little bit he refused then puked everywhere. It came in 3 parts and just keeps coming out. My poor guy hated it, but seems ok now. I'm going to bring him to my bed again tonight and hope he sleeps ok. Its 8pm and he still isn't sleeping.


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