4 Month Update

This won't be as lengthy as usual, but I'll try to remember everything.

This month I have noticed a huge change in Leiland and his thought process. This is what he is doing these days.
- Reaches for toes
- Can balance pretty good when sitting from left to right, but hasn't mastered the front to back yet
- Fake coughs
- When reaching for something that is too far, he has learned to bend over to get closer
- Loves playing in the high chair
- Can sit really well in restaurant high chairs
- Grabs hair, noses, lips, eyes, and anything else he can reach
- Mastering sucking the thumb
- Babbling more but talking less (if that makes sense)
- Blowing bubbles and gurgling to make bubbles

Leiland loves people, that is SO evident with him. It can be a stranger, man, woman, young, old, child - he loves everyone. He will talk to strangers more than he will talk to me, and he will let anyone hold him. I am aware we are approaching the stage of being afraid of strangers, but he is showing NO signs of this at this point. He also shows no interest to roll over. Even though he sleeps on his belly he refuses to lift up on his arms. He will do it if I put his arms beneath him but never on his own.

Nursing is going mostly well, he seems to prefer my left side and on occasion will refuse my right side. He still nurses to sleep for most nights and many of his naps. We are struggling to get good naps out of him still as well.


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