CIO day 2 and 3

Yesterday we were gone all day so Leiland napped for an hour twice in the car. At bedtime he nursed and went to bed with little fuss. But i was up 3 or 4 times before putting him in my bed to nurse because we were exhausted. And he was up by 630.

Today i tried but no matter how hard i tried he wouldn't sleep. In the hour i tried i went in every 5 minutes, kept having to lay him down, then he pooped so i had to change him. Put him back in the crib and he freaked. He needed to burp once and spit up once. When it was time to nurse he crashed so i put him in the crib and he woke after 35 minutes still exhausted. We played a little then nursed and slept on me for an hour and a half.

Just like everytime i try day 1 is hood then it gets so much worse.


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