Crying it out - Day 1

So we gave it a go. Leiland's sleeping has gotten really bad and we are all struggling to be pleasant on such little sleep.

Today Leiland started getting tired about 9:30 so we went for a walk to get Leiland to relax. I am not sure what to do as a naptime routine. So after our walk he was very calm and obciously ready for sleep. He wanted to play though. He hadn't nursed yet so I nursed him and he fell asleep. I took him to the crib and he woke up as usual. I tried to calm him and it just wasn't doing anything. So I stepped out for a few minutes at a time and went back in. A couple times I would rock him but he wouldn't settle or just wanted to play, so he went back to the crib. After about 45 minutes he kept standing so I would go lay him back down. I sat and rubbed him to calm him which worked and I rubbed his cheeks with his soft blanket. Once calm I walked out and he cried but didn't stand up. He rolled over and cried off and on for about 10-15 minutes and went to sleep. He slept for 2 hours.

Nighttime came and I nursed him as usual but stopped him after 15-20 minutes and burped him. Took him up to the crib which made him freak out as I expected. I came downstairs for 5 minutes and he sat on his knees crying for the whole time. I went in and laid him down and rubbed his belly, head, legs, and cheeks to calm him. Once calm I walked out (he was holding his teddy) and he cried the loudest. But within a few minutes he stopped crying and went to sleep. He woke 20 minutes later and whimpered for a minute but went back to sleep. Hoping this is a good sign.


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