Potty day 2

So yesterday I could see leiland needed to poo. So I sat him down and he tried but wanted up. So I pulled over his rocking chair for him to play a toy. He usually poops standing so he tried standing while pushing and yelling no. I felt bad for him. He kept hugging me so he could push. Finally with another push he pooped and peed. He squealed all done and stood up. Yay leiland. So he got to pick a special treat and he wanted chips. So we flushed and washed the potty. Later he had another accident and another pee in the potty. 

This morning he woke up pretty wet but we went right on the potty and he got his m&m's. nothing. So then a little later he stood beside the potty holding himself asking for m's. I rushed to help him and he went pee. 

I had to leave to a dr appt and he stayed with daddy. He peed once then had two accidents. I tried before lunch and he refused to sit. I tried before nap and he freaked out. He woke dry and refused to sit. Crying, yelling no, and pushing away. So I let it be. He peed in his diaper. Just now he was about to poop so I went to put him on the pity and he had a meltdown till his shorts were back on. I'm pretty torn. How hard do I push? Do I let today go and try fresh in the morning?

I don't know. . .


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