Potty training

For a while leiland would go pee on the potty. He would run and go a couple diaper changes a day. When we went to Michigan for three weeks he refused to even try. When we got home he no longer had an interest in sitting on the potty. I'll be honest I was bummed. Then that next week we found out we were moving. I wasn't going to push it anymore and the potty was packed up. 

Shortly before moving he started getting a rash and he still has it. It's been a month but we finally have it under control. But in the meantime he fights me so bad about sitting on the potty. He screams no and pushes away. 

So today I was stuck home and thought we'd give it a try. First pee was in his diaper. Second pee in the shower. Then we put underpants on and went downstairs. Every 20 minutes he'd attempt. I croaked him on first with a sucker but he refused to sit. So undies back on and try again in 20. This time I had him sit while I got m&m's. he waited then didn't want to sit anymore. So a little bit later we tried again with candy incentive but still no pee. Shortly after he had an accident. Bummer. So I put a diaper on him, fed him lunch, and took him for a nap. He woke up dry. So we went right to the potty while I got m&m's. he did it he went pee. 

I made a huge deal out of it cheering and jumping. I gave him the sucker he worked hard for and put clean undies on. He helped me pour the pee and flush. I still have the timer set for 20 minutes and we will try again. Hopefully he gets the hang of knowing when it's coming. 

I'm so proud of him. And he looks so stinking cute in his little undies. 


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