Anatomy Ultrasound

December 9th we did the anatomy scan. It was a little later then usual. My insurance doesn't pay for it till after 22 weeks and Tim was returning from deployment when I would be 24 weeks so we scheduled it for after he got home. So I was 24 weeks 4 days.

Baby is measuring good and I think she said the 48-52%. She checked everything. 

Kidneys - good
Diaphragmatic hernia - none
Heart - all 4 chambers 
Brain - good
Lips - good
Fluid level - good
Hands - good
Feet - good
Chest - good
Umbilical cord - two vessels

So the umbilical cord is the only thing that isn't normal. It is common in babies with a genetic defect but having a clean report from the maternity 21 test "rules that out" so to speak. They said it's not uncommon but is something we will watch more closely. She said it can restrict baby's growth and lead to a smaller baby at birth. At 34 weeks he said they will start regularly watching his growth to see if it becomes an issue. My dr said as long as baby handles contractions ok that we should be able to keep trying for a vaginal birth and that delaying cord clamping is still possible and won't be affected. 

So over all everything looks great and he is measuring perfect. They said from this point on is when his personal characteristics will start to develope. So if he's going to be a large baby it wouldn't be till this point it would start to show. So I suppose we shall see. I am ok with a small guy this time. I just don't want it to be because of the cord limiting his growth. 

They also said he was laying transverse and I have an anterior placenta. Which was suspected because of how little I feel him move. 

I've been researching some about a transverse lie and how to help him into position. So I'm going to try and start that after this trip to Georgia the first of the year. 


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