26 weeks

Wow at 26 weeks. It's starting to go by fast. Christmas is next week and I'm so excited.

So my back has really been bothering me. Today I swept and mopped downstairs and I am so incredibly sore. I had to sit the rest of the night. I hated it but that's my new normal. I've tried baths and they help take the edge off but that's it. I have my pregnancy pillow a try but it just made me too uncomfortable. Tim, leiland, and the dogs all love it though. 

My belly feels huge. Failed my 1 hr glucose test so I'm doing the 3 hour test the day after Christmas. Joy. I hope I pass though. 

Baby is SO active now. Only when I'm laying down though. I rarely feel him during the day because we stay pretty busy. But a couple days ago I woke at 415. Couldn't fall back asleep and he flipped, flopped, and somersaulted for a straight hour. Finally I got up and went to the computer for 30. Decided to lay with leiland and try to sleep. Baby then started his acrobats again. He also does this every time I take a bath. Leiland never did that. 

I've been struggling to eat much lately. Nothing sounds good ever. Still no strong cravings either. 

I'm still pretty emotional. It's weird what gets to me these days. But it's almost everything lol. 

As far as my lady parts I'm starting to have even more discharge. I've had a lot this whole pregnancy but now I actually need panty liners multiple times a day. 


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