Teething update

Leiland has 3/4 2 year molars now. I had seen one spot of his bottom left break through but then it didn't seem to do a whole lot. One day he had a weird rash around his neck so I took off his teething necklace. Within two days he was a blubbering MESS. So after two days of that I put it back on and within a day he was noticeably better. Still a cranky mess but not as bad. The crankiness lasted a few more days and he finally let me see in his mouth. I can now see that the whole tooth is through there is just a little bit of gum left in the middle of the tooth. So it has to finish growing through. But he has 3 of his 4 molars in. ONE MORE!! I want so bad to see that last molar through before this baby comes. He has 7 more week to get that tooth through. I think thats possible.


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